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World War I: Chivalry Replaced By Machine
They were sent by the millions to wage a war in a time of Kings and Empires with the expectation that it would simply be a war of maneuver and a few sharp actions to 'teach the enemy a lesson' and then a victory parade or two. Few were prepared for the first modern war where chivalry was replaced by machine and honor reduced to slaughter as soldiers employed and faced the first bombing airplanes, the earliest tanks, deadlier submarines and the first large-scale use of chemical weapons. The First World War ended with the entire continent of Europe scarred by miles of trenches, spent of resources and littered with the bodies of millions who died for National pride in the 'Great War'.
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42nd Div (Bourmont) Training Area 1918 (HD) Ref#: BOF-51-842-B-86

Shows panoramic views of 42nd Div. hq. near Bourmont; the 33rd Engineers digging a well; type being set at a printing shop; 166th Inf. troops, including baseball player "Hank" Gowdy, playing catch at Sommercourt; the 117th Engineers returning from maneuvers to Brainville; machine gun drills; 167th Inf. troops receiving clothing; a wire-laying contest between 117th Field Signal Bn. men at Chatenois; a wireless aerial being strung from a church; and Gens. Pershing and Lenihan decorating 84th Brigade troops, including Gen. MacArthur, at Bagneux. The brigade passes in review.
00:07:58:08 BW (1920 x 1080)

Canadian Officers In The Making (HD) Ref#: BOF-75-742-B-77

Officers' training school in Canada in 1918 during WWI. Cadet officers do calisthenics, conduct close-order drill, dig trenches, form skirmish lines, operate Lewis machine guns, undergo a practice gas attack, run through bayonet drills, and clear trenches after a gas attack.
00:05:45:00 BW (1920 x 1080)

Der Magische Gurtel 1917 - 1919 (HD) Ref#: BOF-21-642-B-73r1-74r2

Reel 1. German submarine warfare in WWI depicting a successful voyage. German U-boat moves out to sea. The British steamer Parkgate is hit, the crew picked up, and the captain interrogated.
00:10:28:11 BW (1920 x 1080)

Reel 2. German submarine warfare in WWI depicting a successful voyage. The Parkgate is scuttled. The Spanish steamer Asurrca is stopped and searched. The Greek steamer India Is halted and scuttled. The Italian steamer Stomboli is boarded.
00:10:16:05 BW (1920 x 1080)

German War Films, 1914-1918 (HD) Ref# BOF-01-642-B-526

Reel 2. Supply train enters an East Prussian town. Soldiers load refugees into wagons. Shows a German railroad gun. German trenches at Somme, France, are shelled. Fort Conde, near Soissons, is entered; cavalry units pursue the fleeing French.
00:09:03:16 BW (1920 x 1080)

Second Div Training In Third (Bourmont) Area, 1918 (HD) Ref#: BOF-00-842-B-83r2

Reel 2. General Doyen inspects the 5th at Damblain. Shows bayonet drill, preparation for a gas attack, barbed-wire defenses, gas drill, field kitchens, field switchboards, and an inspection by General Pershing.
00:07:46:16 BW (1920 x 1080)

Somme Offensive Operations Sept 22-Oct 30, 1928 (HD) Ref#: BOF-39-742-B-80

Shows panoramic views of battlefields near Molais and of the towns of Bellicourt, Nauroy, and Rigueval. 30th Div. troops march through Peronne and Molaine. Australian cavalry and artillery occupy Molaine and advance to the front. Shows 14-inch railroad guns manned by British troops. British artillery fires on German positions near Bohain. Australian artillery fires at Bellicourt. 105th Field Signal Bn. troops operate field radios near Villeret. The 117th Inf. digs in at Molaine. British Gen. Haig and aides examine the St. Quentin canal defenses near Bellicourt (part of the Hindenburg Line). German prisoners bring in wounded, who are treated at a Villeret aid station. German prisoners are brought to the rear. Balloons carry U.S. propaganda over enemy lines. 105th Engrs. fill in a bomb crater near Premont. Salvage from the battlefield is unloaded near Montbrehain. Bellicourt is bombarded by German guns. 30th Div. Burial parties search for the dead. Troops of the 119th Inf. and the 105th Field Signal Bn. return to Perrone bound for rest camps.
00:10:42:14 BW (1920 x 1080)

War Time Ship Building, 1917-1918 (HD) Ref#: BOF-17-642-B-531r1

Reel 1. Shows flag-raising ceremonies at the War Shipping Board Building, Washington, D.C.; beams being shaped for wooden hulled ships; steel bulkheads being forged, raised in place, riveted, and welded; Charles M. Schwab and WSB Chairman Hurley at the launching of the freighter Liberty at a Newark, N.J., shipyard; the launching of the destroyer Dallas (DD199) in 1919 and the freighters Coyote and Saccarappa at the Hog Island shipyard, Philadelphia, Pa.; and the burning of 31 World War I (WWI) freighters in Mallows Bay, Md., on Nov. 7, 1935.
00:08:39:15 BW (1920 x 1080)

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