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Public Domain Stock Footage The Big Picture Battlefields Of Yesterday
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Synopsis: Flashback to major battles of WWII with scenes of these towns and locations today. (read more)
Information: 1954 27:25 min BW
Show All WWII European Theater Titles Battlefields of Yesterday
D-Day Invasion, Invasion of Normandy, or Normandy Invasion represented a major turning point in World War II.

Scenes of the landing on Omaha Beach at the landing area called Easy Green. Parachutes of the 101st Airborne Division fill the sky as 7,000 Paratroopers are scattered over a 25-mile stretch as the first wave of the Normandy Invasion. Shows Omaha Beach Monument and General Eisenhower at the American Military Cemetery at St. Laurent. Shows the cliffs at Pointe du Hoc that U.S Rangers scaled
and the destroyed German Fortifications

Various scenes of Utah Beach. Aircraft gun camera footage of air to ground action near Utah Beach. Aircraft firing into German troops using hedgerows as cover (16-sec clip). American tank plowing through hedgerow (11-sec clip). U.S. 9th Division, 1st Army infantry troops entering and fighting in the streets of Cherbough. Street scenes of Cherbough today.

Short peaceful scenes of Saint-Lo and then flashback to the battle to capture this Normandy town. Shows tanks of Patton's 3rd Army.

Shows street scenes of Aachen Germany. Aachen was the first major Germany city captured by the Allies. Shows the battle for Metz and the battle to hold Aachen during the Battle of The Bulge counter attack by the Germans.

Malmedy Germany. Shows the Memorial of The Malmedy Massacre at baugnez. Shows the American Military Cemetery at Luxembourg and the grave of General George S. Patton Jr. General of the American 3rd Army WWII.

Scenes of Bastogne Germany today. Sign which reads General Mac Auliffe Replied NUTS to the Germans on December 22, 1944. General Mac Auliffe was the Commander of the 101st Airborne in Bastogne surrounded by the Germans during the Battle of The Bulge. Nuts was his answer when the Germans called for his surrender. Shows tank trying to travel over icy street in Bastogne and American troops fighting during the winter of 1944.

Scenes of the hardships faced by U.S. Forces crossing the Rohr River in boats in the winter.

Shows massive night bombing raid on Koln. Allied Forces continue to advance deeper into Germany. Shows line of German prisoners with hands over head being marched to rear. Shows the collapsed bridge at Remagen.

Shows the industrial centers of Dortmund, Essen, and Dusseldorf after postwar construction. Shows the destruction of Nuremburg.
Flashback scenes to the glory days of Hitler at the spectacular Nazi Party rallies at the Nuremberg Stadium. Shows city of Nuremburg after postwar construction.