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Public Domain Stock Footage The Armys First WWI And WWII Combat
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Synopsis: The battlefield history of the United States First Army with scenes of the battle of Saint-Mihiel and the Meuse-Argonne Offensive in WW I, landing on the beaches of Normandy, the drive across France and the First Army fighting its way into Germany to meet the Russians at the Elbe River in WW II... (read more)
Information: 1917 - 1945 BW 28 min
Show Al World War I Titles The Army's First - WWI And WWII Combat

Governors Island-Headquarters U.S. First Army:
Scenes of the Governors Island ferry landing in New York, the Maj. Gen. Wm. H. Hart ferry blows steam whistle, and ferry crossing Upper New York Bay with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background, Very short clip of the skyline of New York City in the 1960's and a short clip of New York City taken from Governors Island with trees in the foreground.

WWI Battlefield Scenes: Start Web Movie At: 00:01:27:00. TRT: 06:47 Min
It was in 1917 that the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) under General John J. Pershing poured ashore in France to support the French and British in the First World War or the Great War or WWI. In 1918 Pershing was able to create the First United States Field Army under his command.

WW I battle scenes American soldiers firing rifles, machine gun, and artillery from front line trench. Shows French General Philippe Petain and American General Pershing. Various American units in combat against German forces and tanks in WW I. Shows American First Army troops moving into position and attacking German positions in the battle of St. Mihiel. Artillery firing and troops rushing across battlefield. After a victorious battle the American First Army was deployed to play a major role in the Meuse-Argonne offensive or the Battle of The Argonne Forest. Shows the First Army Infantry going “over the the top” of the trenches and into battle.

First Army troops in France after the Armistice was signed ending WW I. First Army is welcomed and cheered by the American people in a great military parade. Shows American Red Cross Canteen Service welcome at New York City Polo Grounds.

WW II Battlefield Scenes: Start Web Movie At TC 00:08:43:00. TRT: 19:31 Min
 The First Army was re-created by General Douglas MacArthur in 1933. Shows build-up of Nazi Germany fortifications in world war II. Shows First Army soldiers on troop ship in movement to England in fall of 1943 and the intense training to prepare for the Normandy invasion of WW II, code name Operation Overlord. Shows the German fortification along the coast of France. 1st Army paratroopers jumping behind the German lines and naval bombardment on D-Day. First Army troops landings on Omaha and Utah beaches on D-Day. Shows wounded soldiers and bodies of dead American soldiers with faces covered. Shows fighting in the hedge rows of France. Large number of German prisoners with fall of Cherbourg.

Shows First Army in battle to drive the Germans out of Saint-Lo, house-to-house fighting. Shows surrender of thousands of German soldiers. Shows First Army in parade Paris France. Shows the First Army fighting its way across eastern France, through the Siefried Line, capture of Aachen, and the fighting in the Hurtgen Forest or Battle of The Hurtgen Forest. The Germans launched a winter offensive in December 1944, German code name the Ardennes Offensive or the Von Rundstedt Offensive that became known as the Battle of The Budge by the Americans. Shows American and German troops fighting in snow and winter weather. After the Battle of the Budge the First Army drove across Belgium and secured the Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen. Shows rescue of soldiers from the Rhine River after collapse of the damaged Ludendorff Bridge. Shows the First Army drive deeper into Germany, capture of thousands of German prisoners, and liberation of the living dead from Nazi Concentration Camp.

Shows the horror of the German death camps and slave labor camps. American First Army Troops meet the Russian Army Troops at the Elbe River April 1945. Shows American General Hodges and his Russian counterpart at meeting, large sign created by the Russians reads “Our Greating To The Heroes Army of United States of America”. Shows hundreds of white crosses in military cemetery. Soldiers of the American First Army boarding troop transport ship and in ticker tape military parade after returning home to America.