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Public Domain Stock Footage Artillery King Of Battle
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Synopsis:History of the development of U.S. Army field artillery from the cannon used by Washington in 1775 to the big guns and battlefield missiles of today... (read more)
Information: BW 26 min
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Night scenes of the flashes and the sounds made by field artillery guns firing salvo after salvo. Flashback to scenes portraying the American Revolutionary War between American colonial forces and the British. Still image of the muzzle- loading cannon of that era. Scenes of the use of artillery used doing the American Civil War.

WWI-The Great War: Start Web Movie At TC Start 00:02:49:00. TRT:04:43 min.
Shows the larger and more powerful field artillery used in the First World War. Brief scene of American Troops wearing gas masks firing rifles from a trench in WWI. More scenes of artillery firing during WWI battles. Shows difficulty of moving artillery pieces in France in WWI. Scenes of American troops “going over the top”; climbing over trench parapet to attack the enemy during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive in WWI. Scenes in 1918 of the big guns or artillery firing in WWI and scenes showing destruction caused by the firepower of large artillery pieces or guns. Collage of images depicting end of WWI.

WWII-Second World War: Start Web Movie At TC 00:07:39:00. TRT: 08:15 Min.
Collage of images depicting start of WWII. Shows President Roosevelt signing America's first peace time Draft Bill, inductees receiving uniforms, training, firing weapons. Brief scene of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Shows the invasion, combat, and jungle fighting by American Troops during the invasion of a Pacific Island occupied by Japanese troops during WWII. Very intense combat scenes, U.S. soldier fires rifle, Japanese sniper falls from tree into a pool of water, American soldier fires automatic BAR rifle, machine gun firing, mortars being loaded and firing. Scenes showing difficulty of moving equipment and supplies through a jungle with no roads and hampered by rain and mud. Shows use of artillery against the Banzai charge of soldiers of the Japanese Army. Shows American soldiers firing all types of weapons to stop Japanese Banzai charge. Shows damaged and destroyed Japanese tanks.

Shows battlefield scenes of soldiers fighting in the desert of North Africa during WWII, footage of air strikes. Shows the part artillery played in the capture of hill 609 in Tunisia and the surrender of German Troops in Africa, people rejoicing in the City of Tunis. Artillery support for the Allied force in the WWII Italian Campaign starting at Anzio, in the battle for Cassino both Air Force Bombers and artillery pounded this German strong point. Footage from the European Campaign shows the first use of mass rocket fire power by American Troops. Shows surrender of German soldiers.

The Korean War: Start Web Movie at TC 00:15:54:00. TRT: 02:18 Min
Scenes from the Korean war and the use of artillery fire power. Shows American artillery team plotting the target area for requested artillery fire support, adjusting the artillery guns and firing the big guns. Shows a battery commander and his unit as they move from one position to another by means of helicopter, ready for action again 20 miles away in a matter of minutes.

Shows the highly mobile self-propelled 90MM gun, the Army's “Big Bertha” of conventional artillery the 280 MM canon, and the Corporal battlefield Missile.