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Public Domain Stock Footage Many Roads To Glory
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Synopsis: Todays Army Transportation Corp depends on trains, trucks, helicopters. and airplanes to move men and supplies to any combat zone in the World... (read more)
Information: BW 28 min
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Train and railroad scenes, Army trucks, excellent images of the Army Sikorsky H-19 Chickasaw (Sikorsky model S-55) helicopter discharging troops and transporting artillery pieces. Scenes of aircraft parachuting trucks to ground troops and transporting large vehicles.

WWI & WWII Footage:
Scenes of trucks and automotive vehicles transporting troops and towing artillery pieces in WWI. Newspaper headline reads “Nazis Invade Poland” and the world saw the German Blitzkrieg or “lightning war”. Scenes of fast moving all-mechanized forces of tanks, infantry, artillery, and air power as the German Wehrmacht invaded Poland and swept into the Netherlands and Belgium. American troops with combat gear loading onto troop transport ship, shows troops hitting beachhead in North Africa. Scenes of American and British forces fighting in the North African Campaign. Images of a C-47 transport plane “flying the hump” with view of Himalayan mountains below. Shows Chinese labors and U.S. Army Engineering units building the Ledo Road, renamed the Stillwell Road, to connect the seaport in India to China as an alternate route to the Burma Road. Shows first convoy leaving Ledo for China, scenes of the 500 mile trip, and convoy arriving in China and being greeted by the Chinese people. Scenes of the Normandy beachhead landings on D-Day in France. Shows rocket launchers mounted on trucks firing salvo after salvo of rockets. Shows a Rhino Tank, nickname of Allied tanks fitted with hedgerow breaching prongs or tusks. Scenes of the Red Ball Express organized to supply General Patton's armored columns delivering supplies day and night. Scenes of combat on the islands in the South Pacific and the building of air strips or air fields on these islands.

Korean War Footage:
Shows the trucks and drivers of the Army Transportation Corp suppling the front-line troops and delivering food supplies to South Korean civilians and refugees from North Korea.

National Disasters:
Shows the U.S. Army trucks and drivers responding to a flood disaster building a dike of sandbags, rescuing people stranded by the flood waters, delivering emergency food rations, and providing temporary shelters for the homeless. At the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland new trucks and amphibious vehicles developed for the Army Transportation Corp is inspected and tested under the most rugged conditions. Shows the concept for a nuclear or atomic powered powered train vehicle suitable for the Arctic.