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Prisoner Exchange - St. Nazaire, France and Dutch Underground - Valkenberg, Holland

Public Domain Stock Footage Prisoner Exchange and Dutch Underground

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keywords: WWII, European Theater, POWs, Prisoner Of War, Prisoner Exchange, Red Cross Military Ambulance, Dutch Underground, Resistance Fighter

Synopsis: Rare prisoner exchange between German and American P.O.W.s in France and brief unedited footage of the Dutch Underground....(read more)

  • Date: 1944
  • Duration: 00:09:54
  • Sound: No
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: France, Holland

Prisoner Exchange and Dutch Underground

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Prisoner Exchange - St. Nazaire, France

Unedited WWII footage of a rare prisoner-of-war exchange of captured American and German soldiers in France November 29, 1944. This rare POW exchange was arranged by Gerow Hodges, Senior Field Director for the American Red Cross.

CU of Gerow Hodges and German Officer in Automobile. Various shots of smiling American POWs. Injured POW being assisted into Red Cross Military ambulance. CU of metal Nazi flag or symbol on fender of German automobile. Red Cross Military ambulances driving pass camera. Groups of prisoners marching. Smiling group of American POWs escorted by MPs approaching camera. Bullet damaged French road sign reads D 14 bis Pornic and St Pere Retz D 97. Group of German Officers and American Officers in discussion. Small group of Americans meets small group of Germans, Americans give military salute, Germans give heil hitler salute. CU of German Officer with Red Cross band on arm. White German field ambulance approaches road barricade, wounded American POW is removed from white German ambulance and placed on American litter. CU of Gerow Hodges in American Red Cross uniform at Prisoner-of-war exchange in WWII. Various shots of POW exchange. Shows German Officer speaking with German POWs.

Dutch Underground - Valkenberg, Holland

Unedited WWII footage of Dutch Underground Valkenberg Holland 1944. Valkenburg resistance movement in Valkenburg, Limburg, Netherlands. Shows two men approaching entrance to a cave and stopped by a Valkenburg LO resistance fighter with a pistol. Silhouette image of LO member holding a pistol, countryside in BG. Member of Valkenburg LO resistance fighter taking a person into cave. Scene of LO resistance fighter on watch at entrance to cave and looking out over countryside.