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Public Domain Stock Footage Strange But True Volume 1
Standard Definition - Quicktime: (24-hr. turnaround)
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Synopsis: Strange inventions, oddball stunts, bizarre events; all carefully halfbaked at 300 degrees and served with a side order of wacky... (read more)
Information: 1930s - 1960s 11:26 min BW
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United States
Delightful 8-Year Old Show Us His Eye-Popping Look Of Surprise

It's an eye-popping experience when this child shows us his amazing facial trick

United States
Heavyweight Wrestlers Blindfolded Then Let Loose In A Battle Royal
Turn a bunch of blindfolded heavyweight wrestlers loose in a Battle Royal and the result in shocking, to say the least. The referee’s the only one who can see, but he takes a beating anyhow.

United States
Man Eats Metal Bolts And Parts In A Sit Down Dinner
The year’s goofiest diet crops out when an 'Algerian' visitor to these shores warms up a plate of nuts and bolts with a blowtorch and proceeds to feast on the strange assortment of hardware.

Inventor Demonstrates His New Life-Saving Vehicle Bumper
Accident proof device expected to lessen fatalities by 75%.

United States
Inventor Creates First Air Conditioned Suit
Last summer was so hot that it inspired the first “air-conditioned” suit, a queer arrangement of tubes supplying a breeze through the whole costume from bellows fastened to the wearer’s shoes.

United States
Couple Get Married While Encased In A Giant Block Of Ice
Just to prove the warmth of their affections, a couple get themselves married while each is immured in a huge block of ice. It’s a pretty shivery proposition before the knot is finally tied.

United States
Inventor Shows Off His New Aviation Creation - A Gyro Plane
A be-whiskered inventor’s strato-gyro-plane rumbles and bumps, but somehow doesn’t quite get anything but a cloud of smoke into the blue. The pilot has to walk back from his “flight.”

United States
Birds Of A Feather Celebrate Together
Actor-cockatoos, on 25th birthday, show how they entertained soldiers in France.

Children In Charge Of New Community
New gypsy community controlled and run by children

United States
Local Bolys Build A Working Wood Burning Automobile
You'll get a kick out of this novel vehicle built by three local boys. The contraption uses kindling wood and rumbles down the road like some prehistoric monster. No speed records, but thrills and stares galore!

United States
Draftees' Play Time Has A Military Purpose
'Recreation Hour' for troops of the 12th Infantry doesn't mean the soldier boys take a rest. Oh, no! They engage in pushball and other games that sharpen their wits and harden their muscles.

United States
Women Wrestling Gets Down And Dirty
Meet Elvira Snodgrass, the 'Hill Billy Wrestler'. She takes on all comers to make money and plans to retire to her 'hawg' farm in Tennessee. Just watch her finish the 'Blonde Wildcat' in one wild match.

United States
Soldiers Stage Their Own 'Girlie' Show
Modern 'Doughboys' doff their usual khaki and don, of all things, women's clothing to star in their own version of 'Swing Fever'. Singing and dancing a la Broadway. You'll howl with delight when you see this!

United States
Rocket Powered Helicopter Is Demonstrated
First films of the Pinwheel – the first rocket-powered helicopter. A tiny, ultra-lightweight craft on a stilt-like landing gear, it’s the successful result of four years development.

United States
Athletes At Home In The Water - Simply Amazing
Mermaids making sports news – Olympic divers and swimmers. A novel heli-boat takes to the air; kayak racers in a thrilling contest

Humourous Musing On How To End Drunk Driving
Half-humorous films fantasy. German gadgeteers show how a device to end drunken driving might work – by dousing the driver and smoking him out of the car, if his breath is too high-octane!

French President Charles DeGaulle Observes Air Show
France opens her 25th annual air show by unveiling some radical craft. President Charles De Gaulle sees a plane that flies with super-sonic speed and then stands still in midair.

There’s also a demonstration of the U.S. one-man jet pack that lifts a soldier over the terrain.

United States
Moscow Circus Tours U.S. And Delights Audiences
The Moscow Circus begins a seven-city tour of the United States with a stand at New York’s Madison Square Garden. Stilt-wearing acrobats, Cossack Riders and- above all, an amazing bear act- delight American audiences in this cultural exchange between the U.S.A. and the USSR.

United States
Ever See An Elephant Ski Up The Hudson River?
Not for the first time ever, but for the first time on the Hudson River. Novelty enough is the sight of Beatty Hamid zipping up the Hudson on water skis, is simply pachyderm preposterous.