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Public Domain Stock Footage Strange But True Volume 2
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Synopsis: It's time for a second helping of the wacky all wrapped in a tasty take-home of container of head-shaking goodness... (read more)
Information: 1930s - 1960s 11 min BW
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United States
Military Observes Demonstration Of 'Shoes' For Walking On Water
Pentagon officials witness a demonstration of foam 'water shoes' that would enable soldiers to cross streams too deep to wade.

United States
Jet Propelled Back Pack For Maneuvering In Space
A jet-propelled back pack is the answer to maneuverability in space when astronauts have to fight weightlessness.

The Best Dressed Monkey In Europe
There is a certain character in Munich, Germany, who can make a monkey out of Beau Brummel. Yes, he's the best dressed simian in Europe.

United States
A Baby Gorilla Named 'Bobo'
'Bobo', a 5-month-old, 18-pound gorilla, whose parents were killed when he was captured in Africa, is being raised as 'one of the family' by Will Lowman.

United States
Bernarr MacFadden, 83, Makes Birthday Parachute Jump
Bernarr MacFadden, noted physical culturist celebrates his eighty-third birthday by making a parachute jump, 2,000 feet into the Hudson river.

United States
Golf Show Opens With Some Tricky Golfing!
Golfer Joe Kirkwood makes merry in a few side laughs on the ancient and honorable game of Golf.

United States
Genuine Rubber Money Now In Circulation
A novel form of inflation is introduced in Hood River, Oregon using the 'coinage' of dollar bills made from old inner tubes and used for local exchange. The new rubber script stretches further than ordinary cash. Checks, similarly made of rubber, are bound to bounce higher than ever.

United States
New York Honors Its 'Largest Family'
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Owen and their sixteen children were recently awarded the 'Parent's Day' Trophy for having the biggest clan in the city of New York.

United States
Experts Hail Midget Submarine
A remarkable underwater craft, 9 1/2 feet long, invented by James Boler, Jr., is getting its first tests in the San Francisco Bay. It moves on or under the surface, at the will of its lone captain and is expected to prove popular with sports lovers seeking new thrills.

United States
Chipmunks Take To The Bottle
A trio of ground squirrels, orphaned by an accident and being raised by a local girl, have become ardent 'bottle-babies' while arousing great interest among nature students for their record-breaking domesticity.

Canadian Plane Designers Test Radically New Concept
The search for a stable, economical, small aircraft is taking off in a new direction. A group of Canadian designers have come up with this rotary-wing craft that combines a conventional engine with free-spinning rotors. Supposedly 100% foolproof, it has economy as its co-pilot. 15 cents a mile, including insurance and depreciation.

United States
Tragedy as Daredevil Rides Over Niagra Fall In A Barrel
Daredevil Red Hill attempts to ride the Falls in his homemade 'barrel' made of 14 inner tubes lashed together with canvas, but ends in tragedy. Rescuers find the tubes but Hill himself is no where to be found.

A Talking Dog Leaves Its Humans Speechless
The Herman Fuerst family in Bornhoeved, Germany, has a 'talking dog' that says 'Mama'. Make no bones about it; it's an unusual story.