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keywords: bathyscaphe trieste, open ocean deep diving vehicle

Synopsis: Scenes of the bathyscaphe Trieste at sea as it participates in "Project Nektron" with crew preparation and a in-harbor test dive...(read more)

  • Date: 1959
  • Duration: 00:08:04
  • Sound: No
  • Color: Color
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: Pacific Ocean

Bathyscaphe Trieste

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Bathyscaphe Trieste

Various shots of the Bathyscaphe Trieste being towed out to sea to participate in "Project Nekton". MS Men boarding bathyscaphe at sea, from small skiff with outboard motor. MS Bathyscaphe under tow; men in conning tower; two men on bow of bathyscaphe; it prepares for ocean dive. USS Wandank (ATA-204) ocean going tug; small skiff underway in FG; bathyscaphe off starboard quarter of tug; tow line aboard. CU Bathyscaphe lying to with five men on deck preparing the Bathyscaphe Trieste for dive. MCU Bathyscaphe lying to: three men on deck; air hose running from tug to bathyscaphe. CU Bathyscaphe with two men in conning tower; one on deck. CU Lt. Schumaker supervising loading shot aboard bathyscaphe Trieste; Guamanian worker holds hand against shot tub. CU Shot dumped into funnel of bathyscaphe. CU Shot pouring from tub into funnel; PAN down over top of funnel with screen across funnel with perforated holes for shot to pass through. CU Lt. Schumaker looking on as shot is lowered aboard bathyscaphe; civilian Mr. Guieseppe Buono to right.

Top of conning tower and underwater antenna disappearing as bathyscaphe submerges. MS Bathyscaphe surfacing after dive; skiff in left of frame; shoreline in BG. CU Bathyscaphe; Mr. Guieseppe Buono watches as water is forced out of ante-chamber by air pressure after dive; docks and shoreline in BG. CU LT. Don Walsh, USN, stepping out of conning tower of bathyscaphe, after completing successful dive. MLS Bathyscaphe surfacing; skiff out starboard side; peninsula of land in BG. MS Bathyscaphe surfacing after shallow dive. CU Conning tower sticking up above surface of water; shadow of deck of Trieste below surface. CU Bathyscaphe under water. MS Bathyscaphe surfacing; line runs from conning tower to FG; decks clear of water.

MCU Diving flag and Bravo flag flying from mast on Mike boat. MCU the Bathyscaphe Trieste surfacing after harbor dive; shoreline in BG (SV). MS Man on bow of Mike boat, throwing heaving line towards camera. CU Mr. Guieseppe Buono hooking up air hose to bathyscaphe. CU Water forced out of ante-chamber by air pressure. MS Mike boat off port bow of bathyscaphe; line runs from port bow of Mike boat to bow of bathyscaphe. CU Lt. Schumaker stepping out of conning tower after dive; uniform wet. MS Mike boat with bathyscaphe secured to its port side; bathyscaphe being towed back to dock after dives.