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MSTS Arctic Operation 1956 - Improving Ship Navigation

Public Domain Stock Footage MSTS Arctic Operation 1956 - Improving Ship Navigation

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keywords: transportation, ocean navigation, msts, military sea transportation service

Synopsis: Unedited footage of the MSTS Military Sea Transportation Service as they erect wooden radar towers along the Canadian coastline to aid in ship navigation...(read more)

  • Date: 1956
  • Duration: 00:10:45
  • Sound: No
  • Color: Color
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States

MSTS Arctic Operation 1956 - Improving Ship Navigation

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MSTS Arctic Operation 1956 - Improving Ship Navigation

Stern view of an ice breaker underway thru floating ice. View of several men working around a stack of lumber on the weather deck of the camera ship. Shows a man using an electric saw (Skill saw) to cut several boards clamped together. Several stacks of lumber on deck of ship to be used to construct radar tower stands that will be erected at various points on the coast and used for ship navigation.

Two UDT men swimming beside the USCGC Storis (WMEC-38), a light icebreaker, and the USS Requisite AGS-18, a survey ship. One of the UDT men floating as he holds onto a small life raft. Small craft tied up to USCGC STORIS; UDT man jumps off stern of small boat and swims around.

Historical Note: The USCGC Storis (WMEC-38) is known as “Queen of The Fleet” for being the oldest active duty cutter in service.

Men unload lumber from an ICPL (Landing Craft Personnel-large) pulled up to a rocky beach at Cape Bexley, Canada. Various scenes of men building and erecting a radar tower stand. Men are in silhouette as wooden tower is raised into position.

LS Three ships underway thru floating ice. Side view of LSD (Landing Ship Dock) underway in column. Man standing next to several Nansen bottles attached to bulkhead of ship; man takes a sample from one of the Nansen bottles into a bottle held in his hand; jots down info.

Foggy view of ice field. CU Over the ice in large chunks passing the ship. Weather deck of camera ship. Radar (rotating) in operation at top of mast on the USS Requisite AGS-18.

Men in small boat going ashore at Lambert Island, Canada, USCGC ship in BG. Men floating the lumber ashore from LCPL to beach as the boat cannot get in close to shore. CU Rear view of men in bow of small boat. MS Men lowering reflector over side. Men in water pulling reflector thru shallow water towards beach. Men coming from boat to beach; one man is carrying another man on his shoulders; a CPO (Chief Petty Officer) walks towards beach. Shows two men standing under a canopy. MS Of CPO digging into rocky ground with a small shovel; the hole is for the radar structure. LS Area where the radar tower will be erected. MCU Enlisted man and CPO driving a stake into ground.