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Contemporary Public Domain And Royalty Free Stock Footage Library:

Modern Military

War Zone Iraq

War Zone Afghanistan

Military News Reports

Military Hot Spots

Military Hardware

Inside Iran

Tragedies And Disasters

In The News

Campaign 2008

Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton

John McCain

U.S. Presidents

President Barack Obama

President George Bush

President Bill Clinton

Weather Watch

On Location

Modern NASA

Environmental Education

Nature Wildlife


Motion Graphics-Special Effects

Motion Graphic Backgrounds

Pre-matted Characters

Historical Public Domain And Royalty Free Stock Footage Library:

Military And Nuclear

World War I

World War II

European Theater

Pacific Theater

Home Front

WWII Series

Military Newsreels

Korean War

Vietnam War

Cold War

Nuclear And Bioloigcal War


Newsreels: 1930's

Newsreels: 1940's

Military Newsreels

Newsreels: 1950's

Newsreels: 1960's

Editor's Choice Themes

Flashback In Time

Social Unrest And Protest

Sex Hygiene-Social Issues

Tragedies And Disasters

Yesteryears Home Movies

Classroom Films

Safety Awareness Films

U.S. Presidents

George H.W. Bush

Ronald Reagan

Jimmy Carter

Gerald Ford

Richard M. Nixon

John F. Kennedy

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Early U.S. Presidents

Foreign Relations

Domestic Destinations


Early Communication

Early Transportation

Energy And Environment

Turn Of The Century

Vintage Entertainment

Sports Retro

Flashback: 1920's-1940's

Flashback: 1950's

Flashback: 1960's

Flashback: 1970's

Flashback: 1980's

Flashback: 1990's


Classic Cuts Single Clips

Human Emotions

B-Movie Gadgets

Business Parodies


City Views

Military Stuff

Cheap Animal Tricks

Dance, Dance, Dance

Comedy Sight Gags


Classic Hollywood Stunts

Concepts And Metaphors

NASA: Early History

Classic Cartoons

Betty Boop

Popeye The Sailor

Felix The Cat


New Three Stooges


Tom And Jerry

Hunky And Spunky

Gabby And Friends

Max Fleischer Toons

UB Iwerks Toons

Walter O. Gutjohn Toons

Ray Harryhausen Shorts

Christmas Cartoons

Miscellaneous Toons

Hollywood Films And T.V.

Comedy And Drama

Horror And Sci-Fi



Silent Films

Film Trailers

John Wayne

Marilyn Monroe

Alfred Hitchcock

Comedy And Drama

Horror And Sci-Fi

Classic T.V. Shows

Jack Benny Show

Beverly Hillbillies


Burns And Allen Show


Dick Van Dyke Show

General Electric Theater

Sherlock Holmes

Love That Bob

Lone Ranger

Lucy Show

One Step Beyond

Public Defender

Frank Sinatra Timex Show

Television Specials

Commercials And PSA's

Television Commercials

PSA 1970's

Comedy Short Subjects

Christmas Programming

Religious Programming

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