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Buyout Footage Logo - Public Domain Films and Royalty Free Stock Footage
Buyout Footage Logo - Public Domain Films and Royalty Free Stock Footage
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Human Emotions B-Movie Gadgets And EFX Business Parodies
Clips evoking a myriad of human emotions; love, desire, surprise, happiness, hope anger, fear, to name a few, presented in a wide range of performance styles and actual acting abilities. The future of amazing technology is here now; at least the 1950's version of it. Who'd have thought that atomic energy, lab created monsters and gun spitting death rays could be so much fun! Take the art of corporate spin control in the opposite direction with clips that reveal the true nature of bosses and their executive minions, big business and the everyday workplace.
Westerns City Views Military Stuff
Time to play Cowboys and Indians again with all things Western from gunfightin' to fistfightin' with a dash of Indian attacks and wagon train footage to make a great hootin' tootin' Wild West library. Aerial and street level scenes of cities around the World, daytime and nightime shots, a smattering of lifestyle scenes and in the environment of the big city and the part they play in society. Variety of military related scenes from morning formation, military parades, a pretty USO girl handing out cigarettes to a fantastic shot of returning soldiers and celebration in New York City.
Cheap Animal Tricks Dance, Dance, Dance Comedy Sight Gags
Trainers and their exotic animals on stage performing tricks and stunts with some, this being no huge surprise, downright strange and bizarre. Maniacal monkey playing a violin concerto anyone? Far far and away off broadway stage dancing from the rollicking Hootchie Coo to Tap Dancing dynamos to what could be generously called artistically interpretive after 6 or 7 drinks. Masters of verbal and physical comedy showcase their classic pratfalls, verbal jousting and humourous hijinks, creating the foundation for contemporary comedy and humor to follow.
Vaudeville Classic Hollywood Stunts Concepts And Metaphors
An interesting, if somewhat perplexing look into what passed for stage humor as performers with varying degrees of skill evolve from the live vaudville stage to the silver screen. Harken back to the day when safety gear was considered an unmanly nuisance and a stunt man's healthcare was a pastrami sandwich and a draft beer at the end of a long work day. Compact clips defining specific story concepts and visual metaphors as well as retro film leader and countdown graphics. Excellent clips for use as establishing shots or cut-aways.