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Buyout Footage Logo - Public Domain Films and Royalty Free Stock Footage
Buyout Footage Logo - Public Domain Films and Royalty Free Stock Footage
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Comedy And Drama Horror And Sci-Fi Westerns
From the truly Golden Age of Hollywood, full-length public domain feature films showcasing the best and brightest in acting, direction and cinema; fantastic source of visual metaphors. Visit the strange world of public domain B-movie classics where evil space people abound, small reptiles become giant atomic monsters as mad scientists make plans for world domination. Saddle the horse, put on your trusty six-shooters and find titles of visual gold in public domain stock footage of singing cowboys battling bushwackers wearing black hats out in the old west.
Serials Silent Films Film Trailers
We can't hardly wait to see how our hero is going to escape last weeks' impossible cliffhanger, rescue the beautiful woman in danger, solve the mystery and save the world. Whew! The beginning of film making where the subtitle is king and "sound" is a live orchestra in the pit paid to play music while the film runs at the theatre. Rare public domain films. Film trailers advertising feature films, only showing the best bits with those great graphic titles, deep announcer voices warning you not to miss this film. Fantastic stock footage.
Classic T.V. Shows Commercials And PSA's Comedy Short Subjects
Public Domain Stock Footage Commercials And PSAs
Plop yourself on the couch with that plate of salsa and chips with a side order of peanut M&Ms and get ready to watch some great public domain stock footage of sitcoms, cop and variety shows. Classic T.V. commercials and Public Service Announcements PSA's selling products and informing the public about important consumer information from our stock footage library. Fantastic comedy public domain stock footage from the masters of comedy from Buster Keaton and W.C. Fields to The Little Rascals and The Three Stooges. And don't forget little Shirley Temple!
Public Domain Stock Footage Commericals And PSAs