1943 Military Newsreel: South Pacific Air and Ground Combat

Rare Footage of B-24 and B-25 Bombers Striking Japanese Installations

Dive into the heart of the South Pacific military theater in 1943 with rare newsreel footage. Australian and American airmen pilot B-24 Liberators and B-25 Mitchells, delivering precision strikes on Japanese installations. Witness bombs raining down with explosive precision, followed by an amphibious assault beach landing. U.S. and Australian forces arrive with minimal opposition, wading ashore from LCVP landing craft, an Alligator/Buffalo LVT, and construction equipment carving airstrips from the dense jungle. Experience the courage and determination of soldiers navigating heavy foliage, confronting Japanese snipers in pivotal moments of the South Pacific campaign.

Part of this Complete Newsreel Film

1943 Military Newsreel Issue #37: Triumphs, Challenges, and Calls for Surrender

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