1962 August 13: Milestones and Memories - Rare Newsreel Footage

From JFK's Visionary Tax Cut to the Space Race and Beyond: Capturing 1962's Defining Moments

Step back in time to 1962, a year marked by pivotal events. Join President John F. Kennedy as he proposes a groundbreaking income tax cut, witness the Soviet Union's triumph in the Space Race with the orbit of two manned spacecraft, celebrate Former President Herbert Hoover's 88th birthday, and experience the Clifton New Jersey High School Band's victory in the Brass Bands Competition held in the Netherlands. Conclude the journey with the electrifying scenes of Night Harness Racing in New York under the vibrant lights. This unique compilation of rare stock footage captures the essence of 1962, portraying historical moments that shaped the era.

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President John F. Kennedy Proposes Income Tax Cut

Reds Orbit Two Manned Spacecraft

Former President Herbert Hoover Celebrates 88th Birthday

New Jersey High School Wins Brass Bands Competition In Netherlands

Night Harness Racing In New York

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