1946 Military Newsreel Issue #24: From Atom Bomb Tests to Eisenhower's Asia Tour

A Kaleidoscope of 1946: From Global Diplomacy to Local Triumphs

This extraordinary 1946 newsreel encapsulates a year of transformative events and milestones across the globe and at home. Witness the intricate preparations for the groundbreaking atom bomb tests at Bikini Atoll, reflecting a new era in military technology and international power dynamics. See the innovative use of DDT insecticide in San Antonio, Texas, aiming to eradicate the germ carriers of child paralysis, marking a significant moment in public health history. Experience the warmth and appreciation at the White House lawn party, hosted by President Harry Truman for wounded veterans, celebrating their service and sacrifices. Revel in the joy of a North Carolina mother who welcomed quadruplets, a rare and uplifting family story. Follow the intense training regimes of boxing legends Joe Louis and Billy Conn as they prepare for a historic fight, symbolizing the resilience and spirit of post-war America. Cheer on the competitors at a spirited sheep shearing contest in Colorado, showcasing rural America's skill and community. Finally, accompany General Dwight D. Eisenhower on his diplomatic tour through China and Japan, signaling efforts towards peace and reconstruction in the aftermath of World War II. This newsreel offers a unique lens into the varied facets of 1946, capturing moments of human achievement, scientific progress, and the unfolding of a new world order.

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WWII Atomic Bomb Test Preparations at Bikini Atoll

Combatting Infantile Paralysis with DDT in 1946

1946 White House Event Honoring Wounded War Veterans

Joyous Arrival: Quadruplets Born to North Carolina Mother in 1946

Training for the Titan Clash: Joe Louis vs. Billy Conn, 1946

Celebrating Tradition: The 1946 Sheep Shearing Contest in Colorado

General Dwight D. Eisenhower's Pioneering 1946 Tour of China and Japan