WWII Atomic Bomb Test Preparations at Bikini Atoll

A Glimpse into Operation Crossroads: Ships, Planes, and Strategic Preparations

Explore a unique segment of history through our exclusive WWII footage, capturing the meticulous preparations for the atomic bomb tests at Bikini Atoll, known as Operation Crossroads. This rare collection showcases the assembly of target ships, including Japanese, German, and obsolete American vessels, anchored strategically in the lagoon to assess the impact of nuclear weapons on naval warfare. Witness the deployment of radio-controlled planes from the aircraft carrier "Shangri-la" and get an up-close view of the legendary B-29 Superfortress, including the Enola Gay, piloted by Col. Paul Tibbets. Although the footage does not include the actual Bikini test bomb explosion, it offers an unparalleled look into the events leading up to this pivotal moment in military history, providing invaluable insights into the Cold War era's early days.

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1946 Military Newsreel Issue #24: From Atom Bomb Tests to Eisenhower's Asia Tour