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Buyout Footage Logo - Public Domain Films and Royalty Free Stock Footage
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A list of links we here find useful from trade news to fun stuff to browse on a Friday afternoon.
Award Shows - Film Festivals

The Academy Awards
After more than seven decades of recognizing excellence in film-making achievement, the presentation of the Oscars has become the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' most famous activity.

The Emmy Awards
The Emmy Awards recognize excellence within various areas of the television industry. The awards are a symbol of peer recognition from over 12,000 members of the Academy.

The Clio Awards
Known for its world-class juries, the Clio Awards focus on creative work done in the fields of advertising and design.

Sundance Film Festival
The annual Sundance Film Festival is considered the premier showcase for American and International independent films.

Cannes Film Festival
More widely known as the "Festival de Cannes", Its aim is to reveal and focus attention on works of quality in order to contribute to the progress of the motion picture arts and to encourage the development of the film industry throughout the world.

Trade Magazines - Online And Print

FilmMaker Magazine
FilmMaker Magazine covers the most intriguing independent feature films that will be released in theaters with in-depth technical details and incisive filmmaker interviews by other filmmakers.

Film And Video Magazine
Covering technology's impact on the creative process.

Digital Content Producer
Focusing on the gear, techniques, and technologies that are driving changes across the broadening content production marketplace.

MovieMaker Magazine
MovieMaker is the nation's leading magazine on the art and business of making movies and the most widely read magazine on independent film in the world.

DV Magazine
DV magazine has served the information needs of professionals involved in the production, postproduction and delivery of digital video.

Industry News

Variety Magazine
Recognized and respected through out the world of show business, Variety is the premier source of entertainment news.

The Hollywood Reporter
As much a part of Hollywood as the big sign on the hill, The Reporter has been the book of record for the entertainment industry for seven decades.

User Communities And Forums
Creative Cow
The website for media professionals and is the place for all things creative from Video Production to Website Development to 3D Animation.

Digital Production Buzz
Digital Production BuZZ works to keep you in touch with trends and technologies, people and practices that you need to know to keep up to date with digital production, postproduction and evolving distribution opportunities.

The Digital Filmmaker's Resource Site -- News, Reviews, Jobs and Forums for the DV Pro.

Organizations And Associations
National Association Of Broadcasters - NAB
The National Association of Broadcasters is the premier Broadcast Association worldwide. NAB produces annual events targeted at educating broadcasters and related industries on the latest trends and technologies.

American Film Institute - AFI
AFI is a national institute providing leadership in screen education and the recognition and celebration of excellence in the art of film, television and digital media.

Online Film Databases

The Internet Movie Database
the Internet Movie Database, the biggest, best, most award-winning movie site on the planet.

Rotten Tomatoes
Rotten Tomatoes has grown to become a premier destination for both casual movie-goers and film buffs alike.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Hosting 4 Less
Our staff are dedicated professionals that are interested in your web hosting needs and have the experience and resources to meet all of your demanding requirements.

MP3 And Video Podcasts
This Week In Tech - TWIT
Your first podcast of the week is the last word in tech. Join Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, John C. Dvorak, and other tech luminaries in a roundtable discussion of the latest trends in high tech.

Cranky Geeks
Hosted by PC Magazine contributing editor John C. Dvorak. Each week a group of expert panelist discuss the most controversial topics in tech.

Keith And The Girl
Their no-holds-barred show tackles literally everything as it is not bound by the rules of terrestrial or even satellite radio. Brumski..?

Video Game Outsiders
Video gaming from the average player's perspective, Kyle Jones, Michelle Madison and John Jacobson take you inside the outsider's perspective.

Xbox Live's Major Nelson Radio
Direct from the inside the Microsoft Xbox team, Larry Hryb (Xbox Live Gamertag: Major Nelson) discusses Xbox, Xbox Live, Xbox 360, gaming, technology, other Next Generation Consoles including the Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii.

Fun Stuff

The Onion
The Onion has attracted legions of loyal fans drawn to its scathingly funny commentary on world events, human behavior, and journalistic convention.

XBOX Online
The advanced components inside Xbox make it the undisputed powerhouse among current game consoles.

Red vs. Blue - A Halo Soap Opera
We just write scripts and then use videogames to act them out. It's a new style of animation that some people call machinima. It allows to make weekly pieces of animation with a small group of people.

ThinkGeek Store
ThinkGeek started as an idea. A simple idea to create and sell stuff that would appeal to the thousands of people out there who were on the front line and in the trenches as the Internet was forged. From programmers, engineers, students and lovers of open source.

Jason Farone's unscripted Variety Show, shot entirely on the streets of L.A.!