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Sports Retro: A Celebration Of History ("a thru z" titles)
A nostalgic celebration of the sporting prowess of the professional athlete and the daredevil amateur enthusiast. Our Public Domain Stock Footage titles follow a wide range of domestic and international sports and sporting activities on land, sea and air from winter sports of Skiing and the Toboggan to the thrills of Grand Prix Auto Racing to Platform Diving to Bullfighting and Horse Racing.
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America's Cup Race - 1967 (HD)

Color film. Unedited footage. MLS DAME PATTIE trailing the INTREPID, America craft. SV 2) MLS The INTREPID crossing the finishing line, with many spectator boats seen in the BG; the INTREPID beating the DAME PATTIE in the race. 3) MLS PAN of the spectator boats, hundreds of boats of all sizes. 4) MLS Stern view of the INTREPID and DAME PATTIE at the start of the race. 5) MLS DAME PATTIE dropping her spinnaker, that is a extra sail. 6) HA-MS Looking down over a couple eating on deck of the Coast Guard training ship, EAGLE. 7) HA-MS Looking down the bow sprit of the EAGLE, showing several small craft in the BG, in the area of the EAGLE. 8) HA-MCU Looking down over GETYINA, PHAN, climbing the rigging of the EAGLE.

9) MLS Starboard beam view of the sailing craft AMERICA, underway on it's engines, no sails, many small craft seen in the BG. l0) MLS Crew on board the EAGLE, unfurling sail; one man seen up on the yardarm, assisting to unfurl the sail. 11) MCU Group of sailors at the helm on board the EAGLE, turning the wheel once in a while. SV 12) LA-MS DUKE, PH2, climbing the rigging of the EAGLE 13) LA-MLS GETYINA, climbing the rigging of the EAGLE. 14) LA-MLS DUKE climbing down from the rigging. 15) HA-MS Looking forward over the weather deck of the EAGLE, showing many spectators sitting about on the wooden deck. (Over all quality of roll very good). 00:08:17:21 COLOR (1920 x 1080)
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