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Lets Face It Surviviing A Nuclear Attack public domain stock footage
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Synopsis: Based on the assumption that a nuclear attack from the former Soviet Union was imminent, The Federal Civil Defense Administration put out this Cold War gem. A key point emphasized is that for you to survive a devastating nuclear attack, you must be always prepared.

In the opening scenes, an Air Raid Warden is blowing his whistle while air raid sirens are blaring alerting your fellow citizens to walk, don't run, in a clam orderly manner towards designated shelters with a mention that the usual emergency services such as fire, police and hospitals might not be available in your area after a nuclear bomb has been dropped... (read more)
Information: 1960's 14:21 min COL
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Just in case, things get bad, government sanctioned evacuation routes are ready for your use from the targeted city or town. As always, evacuation is not a license to panic or disobey the rules of good driving. You are expected to flee in good order, free from panic and driving mishaps.

Too reassure people that they weren't just making these guidelines up out of thin air and were actually working with hard data concerning the effects of a nuclear blast and radiation, there is a segment showing a study down at the Nevada Test site in which a fake town or "Doom Town" was built, complete with furniture, appliances and mannequins representing people. The military then exploded a nuclear weapon nearby and carefully documented the effects with multiple camera and measuring instruments.

Military troops also participated and were witness to the horrendous power and fury of an atomic blast. The underlying message here is that like a really really bad tornado, if you remain calm, prepared and just "Face It!", you too can survive a nuclear attack of World War III, just around the corner.