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Public Domain Stock Footage Operation Iraqi Freedom Volume 4
Standard Definition - Quicktime: (24-hr. turnaround)
Timecode Preview: (24-hr. turnaround)
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Synopsis: U.S. Soldiers on patrol, Rescue of PFC Jessica Lynch, Night cordon and search in Mosul, Recruits for Iraqi Civil Defense Corps... (read more)
Information: 24:31 min COL
Show All US Military Iraq Titles Iraq - Volume 4: Operation Iraqi Freedom
Unedited Footage Of Operation Iraqi Freedom

U.S. Soldiers On Patrol
Footage of U.S. soldiers on mounted patrol and foot patrol in Balad. Soldiers interact with Iraqi children. Traveling scenes shot from inside vehicle. Good footage of KAC 5.56 mm M4 weapon carried by a soldier.

Rescue of PFC Jessica Lynch
Footage shows night vision imagery. US military, Special Operations personnel carry US Army (USA) Private First Class (PFC) Jessica Lynch, on a stretcher, down a building stairway. Thermal imagery: Special Operations personnel carry a stretcher to an MH-60 Black Hawk (Blackhawk) helicopter and the helicopter lifts off. Night vision imagery: PFC Lynch, on a stretcher, is carried from a MH-60 Black Hawk (Blackhawk) helicopter past camera to another a CH-47 Chinook. Normal video imagery onboard the CH-47 Chinook helicopter. A USA doctor talks to PFC Lynch as medical technicians attend to her.

Night Cordon and Search In Mosul
Nightscope footage of captured detainees
secured with Plasticuffs. Detainees are loaded into M2A2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV). Sound and flashes of weapons fire.Temporary tourniquet applied to the wounded arm of the civilian. More nightscope footage as search for weapons continues.
Additional suspects are detained and houses searched.

Bullet Riddled Truck
Shows a bullet riddled pick-up truck as three soldiers look around.

New Recruits
New recruits are searched and issued an armband as they enter the Iraqi Civil Defense Corps (ICDC), in-process center in Mosul, Iraq. Shows view of new recruits seated in a soccer field stadium. Shows Iraqi Civil Defense Corps (ICDC) Soldiers responding as a small disturbance breaks out at the entrance to the in-processing center.