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Public Domain Stock Footage Operation Sandstone Radiological Safety
Standard Definition - Quicktime: (24-hr. turnaround)
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Synopsis: Operation Sandstone was conducted at Enewetak Atoll in the Marshall Islands in 1948 to test the first new Atomic or Nuclear bomb design since WWII... (read more)
Information: 1948 BW 25:27 min
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Close up of B-29 aircraft, bomb bay doors opening, plane cockpit and bombardier, and close up of hand pushing bomb release button. Several views of the ruins of Nagasaki after atomic bomb drop on Japan. People at work in Radiation Laboratory, various instruments, dials, gauges, meters. Construction on Eniwetok Island.

Ships underway and in harbor at Eniwetok. Several views of the waiting for the bomb test, showing various instruments being installed, shelters being built and displays placed for the testings of effects of the atom bomb on various types of paints and varnishes. Evacuation of the island. Night scene, takeoff of B-17 drone. Night scene Atomic bomb blast, large flash of light (Several fixed scenes are taken during this flash).

Eniwetok Island morning after bomb burst showing destruction. B-29 in flight, Interior of cockpit showing pilot, co-pilot and weather officer. First landing on island after explosion, men wearing protective clothing inspecting soil on Eniwetok, two men inspecting some of the ruins with Geiger Counter. Equipment is turned in, all clothing destroyed, placing clothing in cans, Film badges turned in to officer, later to be developed to determine quality of radioactivity the monitor was exposed to. Various scenes of monitors checking radioactivity on Eniwetok.

Monitors on jeeps checking surrounding islands with geiger counters. Some of the monitors donning protective clothing. B-17 drone as it flies directly over camera and lands. Washing and cleaning of the B-17 drone. Washroom showing military washing up after being exposed to radioactivity. Long shot of the atomic bomb flash. Crew members with goggles on as seen during flash of bomb burst.