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Synopsis: President John F. Kennedy's funeral procession down Pennsylvania Avenue, lying in state and his final resting place in Arlington National Cemetery... (read more)
Information: 1963 59 min COL
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At The White House:
American flag flying at half-staff (half-mast) over White House. Crowds line street in and around White House. Arrival of casket on caisson at White House. Honor Guard stands at attention as pallbearers carry the flag- draped casket out of the White House and place it on caisson.

Standing at head of steps: Mrs. John F (Jacqueline) Kennedy and children, Caroline and John (John-John) Jr. Robert F Kennedy. After casket is strapped to caisson they walk down steps to waiting cars to accompany body to the Capitol. Flag-draped casket on caisson followed by procession of cars moves down the White House drive lined with flags held by Naval Honor Guard.

Caisson leaving White House gate and turning right toward Capitol. Muffled drum unit, naval contingent, Joint Chiefs of Staff, horse-drawn caisson, rider-less horse, and procession of cars moving down avenue. Crowds line the sidewalks. Ground shot of funeral cortege coming toward and passing camera on way to Capitol Building.

At The Capitol Building:
Flag-draped casket is removed from caisson and pass Honor Guards and into Capitol Rotunda. Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy with Caroline and John (John-John) Jr. Kennedy and Robert (Bobby) Kennedy follows. Interior scenes of Rotunda. President Johnson places reef near casket. Mrs. Kennedy and Caroline approaches casket, Mrs. Kennedy kneels and kisses casket. Mrs. Kennedy, children, and Robert Kennedy walks down steps of Capitol Building to waiting automobile. Lines of people entering Rotunda to pay last respects.

At St. Matthew’s Cathedral:
|Crowds line street as procession makes it way to St. Matthew’s Cathedral. The entire Kennedy Family walking behind casket (cannot recognize individuals). Kennedy family enters Cathedral. Interior scenes of St. Matthew’s Cathedral. Casket is returned to caisson and procession makes its way toward Arlington National Cemetery. Note: no scene of John-John saluting.

At Arlington National Cemetery:
Procession arrives at cemetery. Casket is carried to gravesite. Over flight of Air Force planes, 21-gun salute, services, bugler plays taps, Mrs. Kennedy lights Eternal Flame,

Note: Additional footage taken by different cameraman and different camera angle.