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Public Domain Stock Footage California Lifestyle
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Synopsis: A 1970's travelogue of California with footage of California scenic beauty, natural resources, farming and agricultural production, industries, cities, tourist attractions, resorts, Hollywood film studios, universities... (read more plus shot list)
Information: 1970's 29:19 min COL
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Front angle shot of approaching Santa Fe locomotive. Montage of images, water falls in Yosemite National Park, lumber mill, children in school yard, Los Angeles County Museum. Still photographs, paintings, and dioramas used to trace history of California. Scenes depict the discovery of gold at Sutter's Mill. Shows remains of old gold mining town. Shows the flowing streams in the Great Sierra-Nevada range of mountains that was diverted to Southern California with the building of the California aqueduct.

Various scenes of the California aqueduct system. Shows citrus grove and farming fields. Electric power plant. Shows peach orchard, lettuce field, grape orchard, orange grove. Grain combines harvesting grain, mechanical cotton pickers, potato picker or harvester. Food handling, processing and canning industry, processing of potatoes, tomatoes, walnuts, peas, oranges, peaches, grapes. Shows loading of railroad cars. Left front view of passing freight train. Scenes of the California cattle, dairy, sheep, turkey, industries. Scenes of fishing boats in harbor and fishing industry. Scenes of the lumber industry and oil industry. Aerial view of a freeway interchange.
Scenes of the mining industry. Great scene of Los Angeles buildings and Los Angeles skyline in the 1970's.

Street scenes Los Angeles California, MacArthur Park. Girl spreads blanket on beach and lays down facing camera. Construction of high-rise buildings. Hillside homes and outside mall. Shows Los Angeles Union Station, trains arriving, passenger departing from railroad passenger cars. Tourist visit Alvera Street, Grauman's Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd. Street scenes Wilshire Blvd, scenes of a golf course, Dodger Chavez Ravine baseball stadium, Hollywood bowl, Knotts Berry Farm, Marineland, Disneyland, beaches, Skiing at mountain resort, horse racing track, traffic congestion, aerial view of freeway interchange. Scenes of Los Angeles Harbor and cargo ships, Long Beach Harbor and ships, interior of Fontana steel mill.

Scenes depict the many Southern California industries, aerospace, electronic, fashion, furniture, and automobile. San Francisco, street scenes, Oakland Bay Bridge, Richmond San Rafael Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge. Powell street cable car turnaround or turn around. Street scenes China Town, woman looks at Chinese figurine. Scenes of Fisherman's Wharf. Shows Candlestick Park baseball stadium. Night time Montage of San Francisco neon signs images. Shows State Capitol building in Sacramento, San Diego Zoo, skyline of Fresno, Palm Springs. Schools and playgrounds, UCLA, USC. Scenes of people at the beach, Death Valley Resort, Redwood Forests, Yosemite National Park, California coastline scene.

Shot List: 1970's California Footage. Start web movie at time code shown.

01:00:13:23. Video clip approaching Santa Fe passenger train, front angle view.

01:01:16:04. School children waking toward Los Angeles County Museum

01:05:45:04. Scenes of the California Aqueduct System

01:06:18:04. Scenes of irrigation of citrus grove and farm land.

01:06:59:00. Electric power generation, power plant.

01:07:09:12. Video clip boy drinking from drinking fountain

01:07:37:07. Migrant farm workers harvesting lettuce.

01:07:45:18. Migrant farmworker harvest grapes

01:08:39:06. Combines harvesting grain

01:08:57:15. Cotton picking machines

01:09:11:06. Potato harvester, migrant farmworkers sack potatoes in field.

01:09:49:14. Food processing plant, processing potatoes, grading walnuts, processing peas, grading oranges, canning peaches.

01:11:20:25. Bottling of dinner or dessert wine.

01:11:46:05. Front angle view of passing freight train

01:11:56:00. Cattle feedyards or cattle feed lots.

01:13:03:20. Lumber industry, lumber mill or sawmill

01:14:06:26. Mining industry, large shovel loads mine hauler (truck)

01:14:43:00. Video clip of conveyor belt moving material.

01:15:00:26. Video clip legs and feet of people walking

01:15:04:12. Los Angeles skyline

01:15:12:11. Street scenes, policeman directing traffic, MacArthur Park

01:16:01:19. Video clip hillside homes

01:16:12:01. Los Angeles Union Station, trains arriving, couple steps off passenger train.

01:17:07:06. View down Wilshire Blvd

01:17:25:08. Dodger Chavez Ravine baseball stadium

01:17:39:04. Panning for gold at Knotts Berry Farm, jumping porpoises at Marineland, Disneyland attractions, Disneyland monorail.

01:18:40:18. Aerial view traffic congestion, freeway interchange.

01:20:08:25. Steel making furnace, hot steel slab.

01:20:39:00. Women doing assemble work, electronic industry.

01:22:31:09. Street scenes San Francisco, lady with fashion hat, man pins boutonniere or flower to customer's lapel.

01:22:45:20. Shows Oakland Bay Bridge, Richmond San Rafael Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge.

01:22:59:02. Cable car turnaround or turn around.

01:24:02:12. Scenes of Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco California

01:24:18:13. Baseball at Candlestick Park.

01:24:25:06. Night scenes, flashing neon signs.

01:25:08:00. California State Capitol Building, Sacramento California

01:26:03:24. Palm Springs City Limit sign, Pop 16,400, Elev 475.

01:27:58:27. Death Valley Resort

01:28:28:19. Ocean-coastline scene.