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Public Domain Stock Footage America On The Move The 1950s
Standard Definition - Quicktime: (24-hr. turnaround)
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Synopsis: Life in America and the spirit and motivation of America as it responds to world challenges in the struggle between Communism and the freedom of Democracy... (read more)
Information: 1950's BW 28 min
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Brief images depict movement or energy. Images of movement of machinery, levers pushed, wheels turning, sparks flying, machinery in motion, men at work, industries producing goods, a nation on the move.

Russia's military might in the 1950's. Image of the Kremlin in Moscow Russian. Soviet Union (Russia) Military Parade. Low aerial shot of Russian rockets. CU of trucks towing anti-aircraft guns and soldiers marching with rifles ready or thrust forward.

U.S. military might in the 1950's. Image of U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. Brief images of military planes, helicopters, artillery firing, Ship firing a missile, submarine launched missile, military aircraft in flight, missiles launched.

CU of President Johnson speaking of U.S. peaceful competition. Floor of U.S. Congress. Floor of United Nations (UN).

Scenes of poverty in a third world country. Slums or shanty housing in a village in a foreign country. Shanty Town.

Fidel Castro making speeches (no audio).

Street scenes of people, traffic, buildings in a large (big) American city. Families walking to church in a small American town.

Low aerial view of New York City. Low aerial view of housing tract in the suburbs. CU images of tract homes with automobile in driveway, kids playing with dog in front yard. 1950's typical American suburban neighborhood.

Graphic image of an atomic energy symbol. Various scenes of people working in a laboratory and other images depicting rapid development in science and technology.

Sign reads "Hourly Pay Office". Line of employed workmen in private industry receiving pay checks. Paymaster hands out checks to workers.

Scenes of Americans enjoying leisure time. Brief scenes of people at the beach, baseball game, rodeo, golf, bowling, water sports, football, horse track, horse race, basketball, boxing, people dancing, fishing, pitching horseshoes, backyard picnic, and relaxing in the park. People in a park feeding pigeons, playing checkers, sleeping on park bench and grass, couple walking in a park.

Panning view of housing in a poverty area of an American city, clothes hanging on clothes line between two apartment buildings. People in protest march carrying signs that read "We March For Jobs" and "We Demand Decent Housing Now".

Scenes depicting a nation on the move. People boarding Air France passenger plane at airport, planes on airport tarmac, people boarding Pan America plane. Passenger train leaving a big (large) American city, people with luggage at bus terminal. Aerial view of a cloverleaf freeway (highway) intersection, automobiles on a freeway or expressway, cars bumper to bumper, cars on two-land open road. Automobile pulling into the "Starlite Motel". Panning view of travel trailers in a trailer camp among palm trees. Various neon signs.

Typical American suburban neighborhood in the 1950's. Man mowing lawn with push-type lawn mower. Father trimming bushes while young boy picks up debris. Various neighborhood churches of different faiths, people shown entering and leaving churches.

Brief scenes of Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Barry Goldwater. Flag-draped casket of John F. Kennedy on horse drawn caisson. Washington Monument with Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool in FG. Scenes of the Lincoln Memorial. Various scenes of America as the song "America The Beautiful" is sung.

Scene of Indian ceremonial dance, painting of early American fur traders, and painting of early American river-port depicting the beginning of American.

Scenes of pioneer wagon train, Blacks picking cotton by hand, loading cotton bales on paddlewheel riverboat. Riverboat paddle steamer underway on river, CU of paddlewheel turning. Scenes of flowing rivers. Cowboys herding cattle on a cattle drive (western cattle drive).

Image of a water wheel turning. Country boys at the "old swimming hole".

Various shots of high rise buildings in a major city in the 1950's.

American flag with 50-stars waving in the breeze. Shows the statue of Liberty.

Early pioneers cutting timber, men laying railroad tracks across America. Shows early train steam engine belching black smoke.

Early American taking up arms against the British in the American revolution.

Immigrants arriving in America. Immigrants taking oath to become American citizens.

United States (U.S.) Congress

Poll workers at polling place, woman enter voting booth.

New automobiles in automobile dealer's showroom. Assembly lines and mass production of consumer goods in the 1950s.

Women carrying goods or burdens on top of their heads.

Night time aerial view of Washington D.C.