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Public Domain Stock Footage X-15 Rocket Plane Early Flights 1959
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Synopsis: Documents the development and early flights of the north American X-15 rocket powered aircraft.
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Information: 1959 COL 27 min
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At Edwards Air Force Base September 17, 1959 NB-52A taxiing with X-15 under wing. Pilot in cockpit of X-15. North American test pilot, Al White, in F-100. NASA pilot, Joe Walker, getting into front cockpit of F-104B. USAF pilot, Maj. Robert White walking to F-104A. Technicians operating monitoring and recording equipment. NB-52A with X-15 under wing. Close up of NB-52A pilot, Capt Charles Bock in cockpit. Control tower operator. NB-52A pilot Capt Charles Bock in NB-52A cockpit. NB-52A copilot, Capt Allavie, looking out cockpit window. B-52A with X-15 under wing taking off. X-15 under wing of NB-52A in flight. NB-52A showing launch monitor viewing dials and television screen. NB-52A with X-15 under wing in flight. Pilot in X-15 cockpit. Shows vapors coming out back of X-15. Ground controllers, with headsets, at consoles talking to X-15 pilot. NB-52A with X-15 under wing in flight to right with F-100F, F-l00C and F-104D chase planes. Face of Scott Crossfield in X-15 cockpit. Hand pressing X-15 launch switch. X-15 in flight. Machmeter indicator passing Mach one. Scott Crossfield in X-15 cockpit. Contrail of X-15 in flight. Camera on board X-15 looking to rear showing tail of X-15 as aircraft makes tight turn. Machmeter indicator passing Mach two. X-15 with F-102B flying alongside to right -- dry lake landing bed below. X-15 ventral fin parachute deploying and fin floating down. Ground tracking camera of X-15 making approach and landing with two F-104 chase planes following closely.

X-15 landing on Rogers dry lake bed. Flashback to scenes of earlier test flights at Rogers Dry Lake. Scenes of the X-1 being released from a B-50 and flight of X-1 that broke the sound barrier. A few years later the X-2 made its appearance. X-2 shown being dropped and in flight. Animated sequence of the planned flight for the X-15, a combined airplane and space vehicle, that was under development. Shows the fitting of an early space suite. Scenes of rocket sled run of dummy wearing early space suit in a wind blast test. Scenes of rocket sled run with an X-15 nose section testing the ejection escape system with a dummy passenger. Scenes of fabrication and assembly of two X-15's at North American Aviation Co. Scott Crossfield working in X-15 simulator and technician working with X-15 simulator computer. Scenes of Scott Crossfield training in USN whirling centrifuge. Vice President, Richard M. Nixon, speaking at the X-15 rollout ceremony. X-15 being rolled out of hangar -- Vice President Nixon in foreground. X-15 undergoing ground tests and checkouts at Edwards AFB. X-15 being mated to pylon under wing of NB-52A. X-15 being released from NB-52A in flight. X-15 on ground during static firing of rocket engine. X-15 on dry lake bed with fire and support vehicles around aircraft after landing. Fire indicator coming on in cockpit of X-15 and F-104A pilot looking out side of aircraft. X-15 making an emergency landing on dry lake bed and landing with structural break behind cockpit area. Showed damaged X-15 after landing and showing structural break behind cabin and damaged rocket engine exhaust nozzle. Repair of X-15 on North American assembly line. In later flights the X-15 reached Mach 2.5, 1660 MPH at 67,000 ft.