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Public Domain Stock Footage The Cape
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Synopsis: Hightlights the events in 1963 of Cape Canaveral including the name change to Cape Kennedy and programs preparing for a landing on the moon... (read more)
Information: 1963 COL 26 min
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Launch of Bumper No. 8, a German V-2/WAC Corporal on 24 July 1950. Aerial view of the launch complexes at the Cape. Launch, malfunction, and explosion of a Titan II missile. Successful launch separation of stages of a Titan II. Aerial view of USS H. H. ARNOLD missile tracking ship. Aerial view of a JC-130B aircraft snatching aero-kite balloon suspended from ship.

Interior scenes in EDP room with personnel checking magnetic tapes. Gemini being lowered inside building as several personnel watch. Sign on fence reads Gemini/Titan II Man Rated Complex Martin Co. Shows Lt. Col. Albert checking Titan II and at launch control in blockhouse. Scenes of Atlas on transporter and being prepared for launch. Launch and programmed flight on March 1, 1963. Scenes of Minuteman transporter arriving at launch pad, missile being lowered into silo. Night scenes of Minuteman No. 430 silo launch, missile blowing up and flaming debris falling. Shows Minuteman climbing after launch.

Launch and destruction of Polaris missile--pieces falling into ocean. Launch and destruction of Polaris missile--pieces falling into ocean. USS Andrew Jackson (SSBN-619) submarine underway and launch of Polaris missile, intercut with Navy man speaking into microphone. Scenes of Army 2nd Missile Battalion of 44th Artillery conducting test under simulated operational conditions, showing mobile launcher and support equipment mounted on half track moving over scrub land at Cape Canaveral, at firing site with Pershing Missile being erected, personnel going through countdown and checking out missile and launch and tracking of Pershing missile.

B-52 carrying Hound Dog missile, shows missile drop from aircraft. Scenes of crews at Cape Canaveral checking out and firing of Mace (CGM-13B) in practice launch. Delta missile on launch pad. Scenes of Delta Syncom launch and tracking of programmed flight. Scenes of scientists placing a measuring device for ion band on payload, payload mated to SLV-1, SLV-1 launch and tracking of missile, including blockhouse scenes. Scenes of Nike-Cajun being prepared for launching. Scenes of Nike/Smoke being mated to gin pole-type launcher, launch and smoke contrail (Nike/Smoke is used to study wind shear).

Sequence showing Maj. Leroy Gordon Cooper suiting up, putting on space helmet, going to NASA transfer van, pre-dawn ride to pad, well wishers, Cooper going to elevator, elevator lifting, McDonnell technicians shaking hands with astronaut, then he squeezes into Faith 7 capsule, shows ignition, lift-off and climb of MA-9 (Atlas 130D) on May 15, 1963. Shows capsule splash-down, Navy recovery team, USS KEARSARGE as capsule is hoisted aboard and Maj. Cooper egressing from Faith 7. Scenes of dining-in ceremony at Officers' Club, Patrick AFB honoring astronauts and Dyna Soar pilots on 2 March 1963, seated at head table (left to right) Col. Henry Dittman, Base Comdr.; Dr. Kurt Debus, Maj. Gen. Leighton I. Davis; Secy. of AF Eugene Zuckert; Col. Swanson; Mr. Walt. Williams; Mr. Lee S. Harding; and Brig. Gen. Harry J. Sands Jr.--immediately in front of head table are honored guests, astronauts and Dyna Soar pilots: Maj. Donald K. Slayton, Capt. Virgil I. Grissom, Maj. Leroy Gordon Cooper, Milton O. Thompson, Maj. James W. Woods, Maj. Russell J. Rogers, Maj. Henry C. Gordon, Capt. Edward H. White II, Capt. James A. McDivitt, and Secy. of AF Zuckert speaking.

Scenes of Saturn on pad, launch and programmed flight, intercut with cameramen in action. Scenes of arrival of Pres. John F. Kennedy by VC-137C and tour of Cape November 1963, Pres. Kennedy in car with Maj. Gen. Davis, Comdr. AFMTC and James E. Webb, NASA Administrator; astronauts Maj. Cooper and Maj. Virgil I. Grissom, in civilian clothes, briefing Pres. Kennedy on Gemini, and the president with Sen. George A. Smathers and Werner von Braun at base of Saturn.

Sequence showing Pres. Kennedy boarding USMC VH-3A, helicopter taking off, landing on USS Observation Island. Pres. Kennedy, wearing sailor jacket, meeting commander of ship, observing Polaris AMR test No. 7678 from USS Andrew Jackson USS submarine on 16 November 1963, and Pres. Kennedy giving short congratulatory speech.

Shows Pres. Kennedy talking to Maj. Gen. Davis and Dr. Kurt Debus, launch Operations Div. for NASA, then he boards the VC-137C. American flag at half mast. Scenes of troops assembled on ramp and Brig. Gen. Harry J. Sands, Jr., Vice Comdr. AFMTC, speaking at memorial services for Pres. Kennedy November 1963. Night launch of Interplanetary Monitoring Platform (IMP) satellite, test No. 6900, using a Delta launch vehicle (26 November 1963). Launch of Centaur II, Test No. 5175, on 27 November 1963. Shows map of the cape with new name: Cape Kennedy.