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Flashback Seventies Volume 1 public domain stock footage
Standard Definition - Quicktime: (24-hr. turnaround)
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Synopsis: Competitive Free Style Skiing (Hot Dogging) on Copper Mountain. The Tennis Boom, America’s fastest growing sport. Stock Car Racing with Janet Guthrie. Hot Air Balloon Races. Frisbee as a competitive sport. American Gymnasts In Training.
Information: 1970's 22:21 min COL
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Scenes Include:

Skiers at Copper Mountain Resort in Colorado to compete in a Freestyle Skiing event or hotdogging ski event. Skiers competing in the stunt ballet category. Freestyle ski jumpers doing aerial flips and spins. Ski acrobatics is also called free-skiing, jibbing, and hotdog skiing.


Scene of kid on a skateboard. Men, women and kids playing tennis. Woman tennis instructor teaching young children to play tennis. Professional tennis player Darlene Hard. Spectators watching an amateur tennis match. Professional tennis player Pancho Gonzales.

Stock car race at Dover Downs International Speedway in Dover, Delaware. This race track is now called Dover International Speedway. Janet Guthrie, stock car driver, competing in a race driving car #68. Advertising on car reads Kelly Girl. Car #68 making a pit stop. Various stock car race scenes and stock car race fans.
NOTE: You can find an HD version of this story HERE.

Hot Air Ballon race and festival. Inflating a hot air ballon. Various POV (point of view) scenes from the gondola or basket of the ballon in flight. Scenes of colorful hot air balloons.

Frisbee competition has become a recognized sport. Various scenes of people throwing and catching a frisbee. World Frisbee Championships at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. Scene of a dog jumping and catching a frisbee.

Women gymnasts on the balance beam and parallel bars at Yale University. Artistic gymnastics.