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Synopsis: A variety of sports and sporting segments ranging from track and field to bullfighting to speed boat racing to baseball. (read more...)
Information: 1919 - 1956 17 min BW (SILENT)
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Spain 1956. Huge crowd of spectators watching soccer game, people cheers as team scores.

Bull Fight. Matador and assistants enter bullring, Picador on horseback inciting the bull with spears, chief assistant wave a yellow and magenta cape in front of bull to make it charge prior to the Matador beginning his faena. The Matador demonstrates his superiority over the bull before the kill. Crowd cheering Matador.

1945. President Truman, Mrs. Truman, and Baseball Commissioner Chandler at a baseball game in Griffith Stadium, Washington, D.C. Shows President Truman throwing out first ball to start the game. St. Louis team takes the field, Washington Senators win 4 to 1.

Speedboat Thrills Mark West Coast Races. Fastest hydroplanes in California in annual championships. Point of view (POV) from boat during race.

Girl Athletes Shatters Records At Track Meet. Mrs Helen Filkey Warren sets news 80-meter hurdle mark in national championships. Betty Robinson breaks the 100-yard record and gives cameraman a big smile.

Jockeys weight in, horses led to track and shown at stating line (no starting gates). Race begins.

Allied Nations participate in athletic contests in Pershing Stadium outside Paris in 1919.

France defeats Roumania (Romania) in soccer game.

Boxing. 1st round of Fundy of the United States versus De Ponthieu of France. McNeil of the USA versus Watson of Australia. American boxer Norton versus Herschvitch of Canada. Italian boxer Spalla knocks out Belgium boxer Van Endne in second round of boxing match.

The mass games of the American Army surprised and interested the onlookers from other nations.

Higgins of the United States win discus throw. Shows Italian discus-thrower.

Shows Arabian sword dance, a camel race, Epee event, fencing with a bladed weapon, and a panning shot of spectators cheering.