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Public Domain Stock Footage The Fireman
High Definition Film Transfer: (24-hr. turnaround)
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Synopsis: 1940's vintage footage of Firemen, fire stations and fire fighting equipment... (read more)
Information: 1948 10:07 min BW
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Various scenes of a Fireman in uniform entering a typical fire station (fire house) in the late 1940's, shows front ends of fire trucks in fire station and Firemen lining up for inspection. CU of clock on wall showing time as 8:00 AM. Shows Firemen inspecting and cleaning fire truck. Shows operation of a fire ladder truck, Firemen climbing fire ladder truck to roof of a tall building.

Demonstration of fundamentals of Fire Fighter skills. Shows fire hose roller or hose hoist attached to edge of building. Firemen using hose straps to carry fire hose up ladder. Fireman climbs down ladder with unconscious man (person) on his shoulder to practice life saving skills. Unconscious man is given oxygen.

Image of Firemen holding a "Browder Life Net" in position. Shows a Fireman jumping from a building into a Browder Life Safety Net.

Shows smoke coming from upper story of a house, Policeman calls in fire report from police radio. Shows activity in fire station (fire house) as alarm is sounded. Firemen slide down pole in fire house (fire station). Shows fire trucks exiting fire station with sirens sounding. Point of view (pov) of driver as fire truck responds to fire with siren sounding. Shows tillerman or “back driver” of a ladder fire truck racing down a narrow residential street.

Shows activities of Firemen after arriving at house fire. CU of hose being connected to fire hydrant, fire hydrant valve is opened and firetruck pumps are put into operation. Shows Firemen on ladder as smoke pours from second story window of house. Shows use of ladder truck to gain access to roof of house. Fire trucks return to fire station.

Images of young girl holding and petting a black & white cat.