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Democratic National Convention 2008 - Day 1
Contemporary broadcast quality stock footage covering the speeches made by Democratic speakers at the 2008 Democratic National Convention held in Denver, Colorado.
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00:00:06:00- Call To Order. Howard Dean, Chair Democratic National Committee

00:03:05:00- Invocation. Polly Baca former Colorado State Senator.

00:05:50:00- Presentation Of Colors, Navajo Code Talkers Association.

00:06:58:00- Pledge of Allegiance. Angela Morgan Alexandria Virginia

00:07:34:18- National Anthem. Colorado Children's Chorale.

00:10:16:00- Welcome. Reverend Leah D. Daughty, Convention CEO & Chief of Staff, DNC.

00:14:24:20- Video, Welcome To The West. View of Convention floor w/music follows video.

00:23:31:00- Introduction of and Report by the Credentials Committee. Speakers Eliseo Roques-Arroyo Puerto Rico, James Roosevelt Jr, Alexis Herman, Former Sec. of Labor. Howard Deans asks for second on motion to adopt the Report of The Credentials Committee.

00:34:33:00- Introduction of and Report by the Rules Committee. Speakers Sunita Leeds, Mary Rose Oakar, David Walters, Howard Dean asks for second on adopting the Report on Rules.

00:49:20:00- Video, Changing The Course Of Our Nation.

00:52:06:00- Introduction of Convention Co-Chairs. Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi. Kathleen Sebelius and Shirley Franklin mentioned, but not present. Leticia Van de Putte recognized.

00:55:30:00- Howard Dean turns over the gavel to Nancy Pelosi.

00:56:53:00- Remarks by Doris Matsui, U.S. House California.

00:59:55:00- Remarks by Andrew Tobias DNC Treasurer.

01:03:00:00- Remarks by Alice Travis Germond, Secretary DNC.

01:06:14:00- Video of DNC platform process.

01:09:56:00- Presentation of Platform, Patricia Madrid

01:17:32:00- Judith McHale, Co-Chair Platform Committee

01:23:42:00- Nancy Pelosi asks for second to adopt Platform Committee Report followed by view of convention floor and live music.

01:30:26:00- Remarks by Mayor of Denver John Hickenlooper.

01:34:35:00- Video Barrack Obama In His Own Words from Manchester, NH

01:36:05:00- Hispanic Caucus, Joe Baca, Grace Napolitano, Silvestre Reyes, Jose Serrano.

01:50:45:00- Remarks by Nancy Keenan, Pro-Choice America

01:54:50:00- Amanda Kubik, Young Delegates

01:57:29:00- Remarks Emil Jones Jr., State Senator Illinois.

00:00:00:02- Reg Weaver, President national Education Association.

00:03:31:00- Video. Changing The Course Of Our Nation featuring Gabrielle Grossman followed by live music.

00:09:27:00- Remarks by Lisa Madigan, Attorney General, Illinois.

00:12:20:00- Remarks by Dan Hynes, Comptroller, Illinois

00:14:32:00- Remarks by Alexi Giannoulis, State Treasurer, Illinois.

00:18:15:00- Remarks by Randi Weingarten, American Federation of Teachers.

00:22:39:00- Remarks by Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota Senator.

00:26:20:00- Live music, people dancing, keeping time with music.

00:28:45:00- Video, Barrack Obama In His Own Words, Boston MA. Obama at the Democratic National Convention July 27, 2004.

00:30:13:00- John Legend (vocals & piano) and accompanied by the Agape Choir.

00:35:37:00- Video. Obama as a child and as a community activist in Chicago followed by live music.

00:53:06:00-America's Town Hall. Moderator Senator Sherrod Brown. Panelists Ned Helms, Lisa Olivares, Dr. Laura Tyson, Jon Schnur.

01:06:21:00- Video of Nancy Pelosi early years as a politician.

01:09:44:00- Remarks by Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of The House of Representatives.

01:22:35:00- Video. First Time Delegates: Renewing America's Promise.

01:24:08:00- Remarks by Margie Perez, New Orleans Jazz Singer & song writer from Musicians Village.

01:26:31:16- Video of hurricane Katrina and Jimmy Carter in New Orleans.

01:31:19:00- Acknowledgment of former President Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn. They walk around the stage waving, but did not make any remarks.

01:32:34:00- Video. Barrack Obama An American Story

01:34:02:00- Remarks by Maya Soetore-Ng, half-sister of Barrack Obama. from Hawaii.

01:39:53:00-Remarks by Jesse Jackson Jr. Member of the U.S. House of Represenatives.

Music from 00:00:00:00 until time code 00:06:41:00. Shows Senator Joe Biden in discussion with Howard Dean.

00:07:00:00- Video-Giving Back 2008.

00:10:29:00- Remarks by Mike Fisher and Cheryl Fisher of Indiana.

00:13:32:00- Remarks by Tom Balanoff, President SEIU Local 1 (Chicago).

00:20:01:00- Remarks by Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg.

00:26:07:00- Video Tribute to Senator Edward M. Kennedy

00:34:29:24- Remarks by Senator Edward M Kennedy.

00:44:25:00- View of Convention Floor with music.

00:49:08:24- Video of Obama as a U.S. Senator.

00:50:53:00- Remarks by Miguel Del Valle, City Clerk of Chicago, Illinois.

00:56:29:00- Remarks by Candi Schmieder, Delegate Chair, Iowa County Convention.

00:59:27:00- Remarks by Jerry Kellman. Hired & Supervised Obama at Developing Communities Project in Chicago.

01: 04:39:00- Remarks by Tom Harkin, Iowa.

01:08:11:00- Jim Leach introduced by Tom Harkins. Remarks by Jim Leach.

01:17:29:00- Senator Claire McCaskill from Missouri is introduced by her children. Remarks by Senator McCaskill.

01:27:50:00- Video of Michelle Obama in early life and after meeting and marrying Obama.

01:34:12:00- Craig Robinson, older brother of Michelle Obama talks about growing up with Michelle. Robinson introduces Michelle Obama.

01:40:52:00- Remarks by Michelle Obama. Michelle and Children on stage. Speaks to Barrack by video phone.

02:02:33:00 Michelle and children leave stage

01:03:04:00- Benediction. Don Miller from Portland OR.

01:05:47:00- Recess. Kathleen Sebelius, Governor of Kansas

These Additional Events Are Available For Order Over The Phone: 800 - 921 - 2804