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keywords: post-wwii, occupation of japan, tokyo japan, fraternization, air raid shelter

Synopsis: Life and street scenes of Tokyo Japan after their WWII surrender and the beginning of the Allied Occupation...(read more)

  • Date: 1945
  • Duration: 00:19:33
  • Sound: No
  • Color: Color
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: Japan
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Life In Tokyo 1945

A large factory in the Tokyo area that escaped the fire raid. The factory's own fire department puts on a demonstration showing the type of equipment used. Misc. shots showing equipment and the workers. Air raid shelter on grounds of radio and camera factory. Workers open door and enter shelter. worker at bench lathe.

Fraternization in Tokyo. American sailors and Japanese girls out for a stroll. Soldiers and girls walk along the roadway leading from Imperial palace. Shows American GIs walking their post in front of the main entrance to Imperial Palace. MPs on guard at Palace grounds, Present arms to a group of American officers. They stand talking and are told that they are not permitted to go any further. It is off limits to all Allied troops.

Scenic shot of the Palace as seen from outside. Main entrance to Palace, American soldiers on guard walk post. In the background is the Meiji Building. American soldiers walking toward camera, and more soldiers sitting on the grass talking to Japanese girls. Main entrance to Imperial Palace. Two GIs and two Japanese girls sit on grass talking.

Air raid shelter, slit trench type. Civilians in trench then they walk out and toward camera. Group of Japanese boys fishing above a dock. Fire gutted building in background Tokyo, in foreground a shack. Make-shift shack used as living quarters. Girl holding cat in her arms. Tin roof shack among the ruins of modern structures. Shack and ruins. Shack area along main street. Japanese women and man near water faucet outdoors. Taken amid the rubble of a congested residential section. Flimsy homes in background. Women washing dishes. Vegetable garden in foreground. Typical Japanese homes that escaped fire. Small Japanese boys playing in rubble. USSBS Jeep No. 9 with group of women and children. Four children pose for camera.

Typical firehouse in the city of Tokyo. Fire trucks are leaving the firehouse. Fire truck passing a busy intersection in the Nihonbashi district. In the foreground, a policeman waves the fire truck thru traffic. Large building with smoke pouring out of fourth floor window. Hook and ladder in action. Fireman stretches hose to fire. Activity of firemen. Firemen mount ladder and go into the fire. Street scene, firemen and activity. Scene as Japanese fireman walks toward an underground fire hydrant. he opens the steel cover and then takes a large rod which is used to open the main valve. Fireman making hose connection to hydrant. A group of factory workers separate a small mobile hand pump. This is one method used by the Japanese to combat the fire raids of the B- 29s. Fire hydrant, underground flush type. Street scene showing a fire truck racing to scene of fire. Truck stops by underground flush type hydrant. Firemen dismount and rush hose from truck to hydrant. Fire watch tower near harbor on grounds of the Tokyo fire boat house. Hose hung from tower to dry.

Typical Air raid shelter. Another type of shelter. Ruins of machinery. Air raid shelter used as a home. Second story of ruined building now used as a house. A small park along the Ginzan Way in Tokyo. The scene shows a group of small air raid shelters in the park and are constructed of earth and bamboo reinforcement. They are about six feet deep and probably have a capacity of about 20 or 25 persons. No concrete was used at all in construction. It is just a hole in the earth. The old woman shown in one of the scenes is sitting outside one of the shelters, enjoying the sunshine, and eating her lunch. Many people use these shelters in Tokyo. Shell type, double mouth fire plug which is typical type used all over the Tokyo area. Small air raid shelter which is made of earth, wood beams, and cross bars. Concrete and earth fill air raid shelter. Two children stand at door and then walk to camera.

Street scene near Electric Building. Pedestrians walk toward camera. American sailors and Japanese girls out for a stroll in front of the Palace. Misc. shot showing the side entrance to the Palace. This is one of the many entrances to the grounds. All entrances are guarded by US soldiers 24 hours daily. American soldiers and sailors strolling along the sidewalk near this outer most of Imperial Palace Tokyo.