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The Last Bomb B-29 Bombers Attack Japan

Public Domain Stock Footage The Last Bomb B-29 Bombers Attack Japan

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keywords: WWII, Pacific Theater, B-29 Superfortress Bombers, P-51 Mustang Fighters, Japan, Iwo Jima, Guam, General Curtis LeMay, Saipan, Tokyo Bombing Mission, Iwo Jima Marine Corps Cemetery, Mount Fiji, Aerial Combat, B-29 Tail Gunner, Bombing Run Over Tokyo, Firebomb Damage, Aerial Combat, Strafing Japanese Ships, Mount Suribachi Iwo Jima, B-29 Emergency Landing, B-29 Ditching Into Ocean, Atomic Bomb Fat Man Explosion Over Nagasaki

Synopsis: With the capture of Saipan, Guam and Tinian the American B-29 Bomber is now in range of the Japanese homeland and starts a relentless bombing campaign by the 20th Air Force Group escorted by long-range P-51 fighter planes and culminates into the dropping of two Atomic Bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki...(read more)

  • Date: 1940's
  • Duration: 00:35:12
  • Sound: Yes
  • Color: Color
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: Pacific Theater

The Last Bomb B-29 Bombers Attack Japan

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The Last Bomb: B-29 Bombers Attack Japan Reel-1

Animated map shows the route from bases on Saipan, Tinian, and Guam to Japan and return for American B-29 bombers of the 21st Bomber Command. Guam after 6-months of re-occupation. Shows clean native villages of the Chamorro (Chamoru) people on Guam. Chamorro man weaving a basket. Shows stockpiles of war materials and supplies on Guam. U.S Army trucks traveling on new paved roads. View of Northwest Field, huge B-29 airfield, on Guam. Shows tent city housing servicemen on Guam. U.S. servicemen eating at outdoor mess (chow) area, doing laundry, taking showers.

Shows maintenance of B-29 bombers. B-29 crew boards aircraft, start engines. Sign reads “HEADQUARTERS XXI Bomber Command”. Scenes of General LeMay and staff planning bombing mission over Japan.

Shows bombs ready to arm (load onto) aircraft. Shows rescue ship and submarine moving into position for possible rescue if needed. Shows “Dumbo” aircraft that will orbit at station Z. Shows Mission Board and status panels in Control Room. Shows line of B-29s taxing into take-off position. Shows B-29s taking off from Guam. B-29s from 58th Air Wing take off from Tinian Island. B-29s of the 73rd Air Wing aircraft takes off from Saipan.

Shot List:


Shows Chamorro village and people on Guam


Scenes of Northwest Field, B-29 airbase on Guam


Sign reads “Headquarters XXI Bomber Command”


Scenes of General Le May and Staff in War Room on Guam


Mission Board and status panels in Control Room on Guam


Line of B-29s taxing into take-off position, B-29s taking off from Guam

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The Last Bomb: B-29 Bombers Attack Japan Reel-2

Close-up and long shots of B-29 Superfortress bombers take-off from Saipan for Tokyo bombing mission. Shows control room on Guam. Shows flight of B-29s. Shows crew of B-29 in flight. Navigator logs island check points on map. Shows aerial view of Iwo Jima as bombers pass overhead, Scene of U.S. Marine cemetery on Iwo Jima, construction equipment working to build air strip on Iwo Jima for P-51 escort fighters. Shows airfield and dozens of P-51 Mustang fighters of the the 7th Fighter Command on Iwo Jima. Long row or line of P-51 fighter aircraft warming up engines. Nose art on P-51, “The Deacon”. P-51s with extra belly fuel tanks taxiing and taking off.

Scene of mission board in control room on Guam shows location of bombers and escort aircraft. Bombers and fighters in flight. Gunners clear guns with short burst. B-29s and P-51 fighter escorts shown. View of Mount Fuji from B-29. Japanese fighters dive head-on toward bombers dropping phosphorus bombs. P-51 fighters peel off to attack Japanese fighter planes. Close-up aerial view of B-29 belly gunner rotating gun turret and firing, close-up aerial view of B-29 tail gunner. Aerial close-up of P-51 Mustang Fighter firing. Japanese plane is hit and on fire. Fighter plane air-to-air combat or dogfight. Aerial combat. CU footage of B-29 Superfortress bombers in tight formation.

Shot List:


B-29s take-off from Saipan for bombing mission over Tokyo


Aerial view of Iwo Jima


Marine Cemetery on Iwo Jima


Power shovel working to build air strip on Iwo Jima


Airfield with dozens of P-51 Mustang fighters of the the 7th Fighter Command


P-51 starts engine, nose art on P-51 reads “The Deacon”, line of P-51s with wing mounted fuel tanks


P-51s take-off from Iwo Jima


CU of top gun turret of B-29


Formations of P-51 Mustang Fighters escorting B-29 bombers


Japanese planes drop phosphorus bombs in flight paths of B-29s


CU belly gun turret of B-29 bomber firing at enemy plane


CU P-51 Mustang Fighter plane firing wing mounted machine guns


P-51 Mustang shoots down Japanese plane


CU footage of B-29 Superfortress bombers in tight formation

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The Last Bomb: B-29 Bombers Attack Japan Reel-3

B-29s make bombing run over Tokyo. Hundreds of bombs falling from bombers. Scenes of burned, cleared areas of Tokyo, results of earlier firebombing. Gun camera footage from P-51 fighter plane. Close-up of fighter pilot's hand squeezing machine gun trigger. Excellent aerial combat “dog fight” footage between P-51's and Japanese fighter aircraft. Japanese plane burst into flames after P-51 attack. Air-to-air combat. CU footage of P-51 machine guns firing. Gun camera footage P-51s strafing land and sea targets with machine gun fire.

Shot List:


Bombardier gives “bombs away” signal, B-29 drops bombs


Scenes of burned, barren, areas of Tokyo, results of earlier firebombing


CU P-51 pilot's hand squeezing machine gun trigger, CU machine guns firing


Gun camera footage, Japanese plane hit by gun fire, pilot bails out, shows open parachute


Twin engine Japanese plane hit by gun fire, left engine on fire


P-51 strafing railroad yard, plants, airfields, boats, and ships

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The Last Bomb: B-29 Bombers Attack Japan Reel-4

U.S. fighter strafing Japanese ship. CU formation of P-51 Mustang fighter aircraft. Aerial view of Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima. P-51s approach their base on Iwo Jima doing victory rolls before landing. P-51s land on Iwo Jiima. Damaged or crippled B-29s low on fuel follow the P-51s landing on Iwo Jima. Shows B-29 ditching in ocean, plane floating. B-29 makes belly landing and catches fire. Fire fighters battle burning B-29.

Shows exhausted crew of B-29 flying back to home base. B-29s land on Guam. Pilot's point of view (pov) from cockpit as B-29 lands and is parked. Crews deplane and talk with each other. Shows wreckage of crashed bomber and rescue of crew member.

By July 1945 “thousand plane missions” of B-29s was bombing Japan. Shows massive flight of B-29 Superfortress bombers. Image of single B-29 plane in flight. On August 9, 1945 the atomic bomb “Fat Man” was dropped over Nagasaki Japan by the Silverplate B-29 (Victor 77-“Bockscar”). Image of the atomic explosion and rising mushroom cloud from the atomic bomb “Fat Man”dropped over Nagasaki Japan, the Last Bomb dropped in WW2.

Shot List:


U.S. fighter strafes Japanese ship, ship on fire


Formation of P-51 Mustang fighter planes


Aerial view of Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima


P-51 pilots do “victory roll” over Iwo Jima airfield


P-51s land on Iwo Jima followed by crippled B-29s


B-29 ditches in ocean, shows plane floating


B-29 makes “wheels up” belly landing and catches fire


Pilot's point of view (POV) from cockpit as B-29 lands and is parked


B-29 crash lands, burning wreckage of B-29 that crashed landed


The last bomb dropped in WWII; Image of single B-29 in flight, atomic explosion and rising mushroom cloud from the atomic bomb “Fat Man” dropped over Nagasaki Japan ending WWII

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