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Army-Navy Screen Magazine: 1945 - Issue 66

Public Domain Stock Footage Army-Navy Screen Magazine: 1945 - Issue 66

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keywords: Post-WWII, Cologne Germany, Allied Military Government, Bombed Out Buildings

Synopsis: Battle Of The Peace Post WWII Cologne Germany...(read more)

  • Date: 1945
  • Duration: 00:18:47
  • Sound: Yes
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: Germany

Army-Navy Screen Magazine: 1945 - Issue 66

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Battle Of The Peace - Post-WWII Cologne Germany Part-1

Cologne Germany 1930, brief scene of German Dictator Adolf Hitler, the WWII-era destruction of Cologne Germany with bombed out ruins and it rebuilding by the new American occupation forces and U.S. Military Government from espousing Democratic ideals to rebuilding of infrastructure.

Shot List:


City of Cologne Germany before WWII


German Dictator Adolf Hitler and ironic prophetic statement "Give me five years and you will not recognize Germany"


Post-WWII Cologne Germany in absolute ruin and rubble


Bombed out building and destroyed infrastructure


Ceremony of U.S. Military Government MG taking over the day-to-day affairs of running Cologne Germany


German citizens gather to listen to the first orders from the new Military Government


Pesticide DDT powder is used to delouse the German population to kill lice and quell a Typhus epidemic


German is discovered as being part of the infamous SS when his SS tattoo is discovered during check-up by U.S. Army medic


Long lines of Germans waiting to be interviewed by the Military Government to weed out hard-core Nazis and determine those who will help rebuild the city


Group of German citizens become the first local police force for Post-WWII Cologne Germany and given armbands labeled M.G. - Police


Worker on ladder takes down Nazi Eagle and Swastika


Nazi propaganda items removed and replaced with Military Government Democratic ideals and rules


Demolition of bombed out building begin with help of reconstituted Fire Department


German citizens with Nazi affiliations are formed into press gangs to clear rubble


Food is distributed to German citizens under the watchful eye of the Military Govt.


Germans both young and old farm food outside the city


Former slave labor to the Nazis now displaced persons gather for ration coupons at U.S. MG

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Battle Of The Peace - Post-WWII Cologne Germany Part-2

Post-WWII Cologne Germany with its bombed out ruins and its rebuilding by the new American occupation forces and U.S. Military Government.

Shot List:


Former slave labor to the Nazis now displaced persons gather for ration coupons at U.S. Military Government


Coal production begin to operate again; coal brickettes produced


Printing of U.S. Army German-Language newspaper; German citizens reading the newspaper


Corpus Christi celebrated in front of the Cologne cathedral


German-Jews gathering for temple


Dedication ceremony for marble monument in a Cologne park marking concentration camp victims


Scenes of Military Government court and trial system


Convicted German criminals sent to former Gestapo prison now Military Government prison


German children playing outside, using sewing machine outside, knitting, making crafts


German children throwing Nazi Swastika symbols, flags and propaganda posters on to a bonfire

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