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Battle For Saipan, Mariana Islands

Public Domain Stock Footage Battle For Saipan Mariana Islands

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keywords: wwii, pacific theater, mariana islands, island of saipan, city of garapan, marine infantry division, m1 rifle, p-47 thunderbolt, flamethrower, marine cemetery

Synopsis: Marines conduct combat operations on the island of Saipan and the city of Garapan with house to house fighting....(read more)

  • Date: 1944
  • Duration: 00:09:44
  • Sound: Yes
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: Island Of Saipan

Battle For Saipan, Mariana Islands

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Battle For Saipan - Mariana Islands

Battle of Saipan, a Pacific campaign of WWII. After intense fighting in June/July 1944, the U.S. 2nd Marine Division, the 4th Marine Division, and the U.S. Army 27th Infantry Division under the overall command of Lt. General Holland Smith defeated the 43rd Division of the Imperial Japanese Army commanded by Lt. General Yoshitsugu Saito.


Japanese soldier pulled from hole in ground and taken prisoner. U.S. tank advances. Excellent point of view (pov) battle scene footage from inside advancing tank, tank firing machine gun and cannon fire. Lt. General Holland Smith commanding the assault forces in the battle.


Shows self-propelled artillery gun firing. CU, artillery (howitzer) being loaded and fired. CU. Soldiers firing 50 cal machine gun. CU, U.S. Marine firing M1 rifle. CU, howitzer being loaded and fired.


P-47 Thunderbolt (The Jug) fighter-bombers take-off from new airfield on Saipan. P-47 Thunderbolt planes attack ground targets on Saipan. Shows U.S. plane shot down by enemy ground fire, crashes and explodes into a ball of fire on Saipan. Parachute of pilot can be seen floating down.


Marines enter Garapan, house-to-house fighting. Shows Marine with M2-2 flamethrower gun in hand and fuel tanks on back. Marines bring up 37MM M3 anti-tank gun. Shows individual marines firing rifles at the enemy in house-to-house fighting. Japanese soldier "makes a run for it" and is shot. Marines fire 37mm M3 anti-tank gun. Marines use flamethrowers. Marines follow advancing tank.


Marines load and fire mortar, 37 mm M3 artillery gun fires. Tanks move into position on north end of Saipan where the Japanese are cornered. A friendly native broadcast an appeal to the Japanese to surrender. The Marines hold their fire as many civilians surrender. Shows civilians making rice balls at community kitchen site.


Scenes of massive fire power from tanks, artillery, planes and naval bombardment. Tanks and infantry advance. Shows flamethrower tank in action on Saipan.


Japanese soldiers commit suicide by jumping off cliff on Saipan. Shows bodies of dead Japanese soldiers. Japanese soldier with white flag surrenders. Explosive charges are thrown into caves, stream of fire from flamethrower is directed into caves.


Shows Marine cemeteries where 4,470 Marines are buried. Sign reads "Second Marine Division Cemetery". American flag waves in the breeze, American Marine in foreground. Shows white tombstone in cemetery with "Unknown" written on it.