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keywords: vietnam war, anti-war demonstrators, hippies, peaceniks, lincoln park chicago

Synopsis: Anti-War protest in and around Lincoln Park during the 1968 Chicago Democratic National Convention with crowds of hippie demonstrations culminating into friction and clashes between war protestors, Chicago police and National Guard...(read more)

  • Date: 1968
  • Duration: 00:23:14
  • Sound: Yes
  • Color: Color
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States

Lincoln Park Demonstrations

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Lincoln Park Demonstrations 1968

The events in and around Lincoln Park in Chicago August 25-28, 1968 during the Chicago Democratic National Convention. Violence between the anti-Vietnam war protesters, Chicago Police, and the National Guard Troops.

Hippies, yippies (Youth International Party) on lawn of Lincoln Park. Young man lying on ground, two hippies eating. African-American beats on bongo drums white girl peacenik talks to crowd. Crowd listening to musicians, LS couple dancing. Close up as hippie peaceniks play music. African-American beats on bongo drum as three Black children watch, teaches one Black child to play bongo drum. Man wearing motorcycle jacket with logo on back. Sign: Free Store, woman picks through pile of clothing.

Three protesters walk through park carrying protest signs. LS demonstrators line street in front of Hilton Hotel. Crowd of anti-war demonstrators in front of Conrad Hilton Hotel. Vietnam War protester carries sign. African-American Vietnam war protester carries sign that reads: Stop The War. Sign on ground reads: Resist In Prague Saigon Chicago. Paper flier blows along ground. Army tent encampment of the United States 3rd Corp Artillery Brigade during Democratic National Convention. US Air Force C-141 Starlifter transport plane takes off from O'Hare International Airport. O'Hare airport Terminal parkway exit sign.

View of tree lined Chicago city street, cars parked at curb, high rise buildings in the distance. View of lake with City of Chicago skyline in background. Chicago skyline 1968. View of Chicago Police Department Headquarters building. Views of Conrad Hilton hotel. Night scenes Hippies walk on street. Man on crutches. Clergyman talks to Hippies in park. Two Hippies in costume dance. A man waves flag with peace symbol. Night view of crowd of demonstrators in park. Police use tear gas to disperse crowd. Police van and ambulance speed along street. people move into street. Line of Police on street.

Line of National Guard Troops with weapons on street facing demonstrators in the distance. National Guard Troops with weapons raised skyward. People on street. National Guard vehicles line street. Group of Hippies sit on ground. Man holding red white blue peace flag, man playing guitar in background. Man uses microphone to speak to the crowd. Demonstrators walk through the park. LS tear gas cloud on street overpass, demonstrators running away from tear gas cloud. Night scene police drag protester away. Demonstrators raising arms and chanting. One protester waves red Vietcong flag.

Close-up man holds handkerchief over nose and mouth. Scenes of other people with handkerchiefs over nose and mouth, close-up man coughing. Police with blue helmets holding cloths over nose and mouth. Image of Hippie. Night scene of protesters moving along sidewalk. Police keep people moving. Police Official with arm raised giving orders. Young bearded protester holding sign as he backs away. Activist group on covered wagon pulled by mules move through police barricade followed by demonstrators. Formation of Police and National Guard troops advancing, crowds moving.

Shot List:


Two Hippies eating


African-American beats on bongo drums, white peacenik girl talks to crowd


Close up Hippie peaceniks playing music


Black activist (African-American) beats on bongo drums


Man wearing motorcycle jacket with gang logo


Sign reads: Free Store, woman picks through pile of clothes


African-American (Black) war protester carries Stop The War Sign


National Guard (Army) tent encampment


O'Hare Terminal parkway exit sign


Chicago skyline with lake in foreground


Chicago Police Department Headquarters Building


Conrad Hilton Hotel Chicago Illinois


Night scene of crowd of demonstrators, one waving flag with Peace Symbol


Night scene Police van and ambulance speed along street


Line of Police block demonstrators


Line of National Guard Troops on street


Man holding red white blue peace flag


LS tear gas cloud on street overpass, demonstrators fleeing tear gas cloud


Police drags protester, night scene


Night scene, Demonstrators with raised arms, chanting, protester waves red Vietcong flag


Tear gas effect with people holding handkerchiefs over nose and mouth


Hippie uses sleeve as protection against tear gas


Police Official with raised arm giving orders


Angry young protester with sign shouting as Police force crowd to disperse