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keywords: california, city of los angeles, grauman's chinese theatre, los angeles memorial coliseum, hollywood bowl, hoover dam, muscle beach, hollywood movie studios, olvera street, los angeles aqueduct, ucla, usc, santa anita racetrack

Synopsis: The beauty of 1940's Los Angeles in full color from its orchards and vineyards to the vibrant city life and iconic landmarks that make the City of Angels a unique city in America and so L.A...(read more)

  • Date: 1940's
  • Duration: 00:30:47
  • Sound: Yes
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States

Los Angeles - City Of Destiny

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Los Angeles - City Of Destiny

Landmark Buildings

City Hall, County Hall Of Justice and County Jail, Federal Building, Los Angeles County General Hospital, Public Library, The Old Plaza Church, NBC Studio, CBS Studio and Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.


Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Alvaro Street, Wilshire Blvd, Hollywood and Vine, Pershing Square, The Hollywood Bowl, UCLA, USC Campus, Farmer’s Market, Hollywood Park, a Movie Set (actress Shirley Temple and actor Robert Young), Santa Anita Park, Hollywood Park, Hoover Dam and Muscle Beach.

Aerial Views

Sound Stages and Studio Movie Lots, San Fernando Valley, Oil Derricks, Los Angeles Harbor, Griffith Observatory, Freeways, Orange Groves and City Of Los Angeles.

Including Scenes

Electrical transmission towers, parks & playgrounds, streetcar, Horse Racing, Polo, Bowling On The Green, Swimming, Swimming Pool, Competitive Diving, Pacific Ocean Beach, Sunbathing, Beach Volleyball, Golf courses and Tennis.

Shot List:


Desolate desert highway from automobile driver's point of view (pov), desert scrub brush and sand. Rear view of car on desert highway with mountain range in background


Late 1940's-early 1950's Skyline of Los Angeles, California with focus on the City Hall, several low aerial views of the city of LA, major city buildings


Olvera Street with many small booths (shops) with colorful Mexican decorations displaying Mexican food and trinkets. With flaming forge and anvil Mexican native craftsman creates wrought iron novelties


Traditional Female Mexican dancer, close-up of Mexican musicians


Los Angels Aqueduct system that brings water from the snow capped high Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains to reservoirs near Los Angeles


Scenes of California freeway and automobile driver's point of view (pov) driving down Wilshire Blvd


Campus scenes of the University of California Los Angeles, UCLA, Group of students


Campus scenes of the University of Southern California, USC


Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, USC Trojans vs the UCLA Bruins, large crowd of sports fans at football stadium


Low aerial view of streets Hollywood and Vine - Los Angeles California


The famous Grauman's Chinese Theatre


Aerial view of 20th Century Fox Studios and behind the scenes of RKO Pictures during the filming of Baltimore Escapade with Shirley Temple


Easter Sunday morning in Hollywood at the Hollywood Bowl


Hoover Dam on the Colorado River, electric power transmission towers and lines


Automobiles on assembly line at automobile manufacturing plant, tire manufacturing, iron and steel foundry, machinery and tools


Hundreds of oil well derricks


Shift change for hundreds of factory production workers leaving industrial plant


Aerial view of Los Angeles Harbor, commercial ships, private boats in the yacht harbor and Ocean Steamer


Farmers Market in the late 1940's, people dining in the open air patios, Los Angeles Park, Pershing Squire, playing children in Griffith Park, aerial view of the Griffith Observatory


Santa Anita Race Track. Horn blower is shown calling the horses to the post decked out in the traditional Coach Guards knee-length red coat and high hat. Horse race scenes from Hollywood Park