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John F. Kennedy - 1960 Presidential Campaign

Public Domain Stock Footage John F. Kennedy - 1960 Presidential Campaign

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keywords: john f. kennedy, jfk, richard m. nixon, lyndon b. johnson, henry cabot lodge, 1960 presidential campaign

Synopsis: The United States 1960 Presidential campaign and election. The Democratic Party nominated Senator John F. Kennedy as their presidential candidate and Lyndon Johnson as the Vice President candidate. The Republican Party nominated current Vice President Richard M. Nixon as the Republican Presidential candidate and Henry Cabot Lodge as his running mate...(read more)

  • Date: 1961
  • Duration: 00:17:33
  • Sound: Yes
  • Color: Monochrome%%
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States

John F. Kennedy - 1960 Presidential Campaign

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John F. Kennedy 1960 Presidential Campaign


Scenes of the July 1960 Democratic National Convention Los Angeles, California. Senator John F. Kennedy was nominated as the Democratic Presidential candidate and Lyndon B. Johnson nominated as Vice President candidate. The Republican Party nominated Richard Nixon as the Republican Presidential candidate and Henry Cabot Lodge as Vice President candidate.


Numerous scenes of Kennedy on the campaign trail riding in motorcades and greeting enthusiastic crowds and supporters. Scenes of John F. Kennedy with wife Jacqueline Jackie Kennedy riding in an open car. Shows Kennedy addressing a huge, enthusiastic crowd.


Scenes of Presidential candidate Richard and Pat Nixon on a campaign train whistle-stop tour. Candidate Nixon addresses a crowd from the rear of campaign train. Ricard and Pat Nixon visit an Indian community seeking their votes.


Scenes of people and places on election day, Tuesday November 8, 1960. Numerous scenes of American citizens waiting to vote, casting their ballot voting, ballot boxes, and voting booths.


President Eisenhower arrives by helicopter and casts his ballot. Shows Mrs. Eisenhower entering voting booth.


Vice President Nixon and wife Pat Nixon receives their ballots and enter the voting booths. The Nixons' cast their vote in Whittier, California where both went to school and were married.


Senator John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie arrives to cast their votes in Boston Massachusetts.


Coverage of election by the major news services. Television station news room. Tally board at the Republican National Committee headquarters. Times Square electric sign flashes minute-by-minute election news and electoral vote tally.


Scenes of Pierre Salinger, Press Secretary for Senator Kennedy checking the latest voting returns.


Vice President Nixon with wife Pat makes his concession statement as his supporters shout no.


Newspaper headlines Kennedy wins election. President elect Kennedy, wife Jacqueline Jackie Kennedy, father Joseph and mother Rose Kennedy and his brothers shown as Kennedy addresses the American people.