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Ready To Eat - Fast Food And Treats

Public Domain Stock Footage Ready To Eat - Fast Food And Treats

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keywords: 1950's fast foods, dessert treats, vending machines, t.v. dinners, fast food restaurant, soda fountain, soda jerk, reddi whip, drive-in restaurant, car hop, drive-in movie church services

Synopsis: 1950's tasty treats and fast food eats from drive-in restaurants, a soda fountain, T.V. dinners, frozen foods and vending machines dispensing all manner of packaged foods and more...(read more)

  • Date: 1958
  • Duration: 00:05:49
  • Sound: No
  • Color: Color
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States

Ready To Eat - Fast Food And Treats

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Ready To Eat - Fast Food And Treats

Unedited footage of vending machines, prepared packaged food, TV dinner, fast food restaurant, drive-in restaurant. Brief image of a pigeon. People at a sidewalk cafe table. Sidewalk vendor preparing a hot dog for customer. Black (African-American) railroad porter serves food and drinks in a railway coach car (railway passenger car). Customer seated at fast food counter. Fast food vendor at country fair. Making and selling cotton candy at fair. Closeup of hand of “soda jerk” dispensing Coca-Cola from a soda fountain. Little girl eating ice cream. Depositing coin in milk vending machine. Ice cream bar vending machine. Drink or beverage vending machine, closeup of drink cup falling into tray. Hand removes apple from vending machine. Fancy tea machine.

Spreading butter on ear of corn. Man eating corn on the cob. Preparing frozen beans. Reddi Whip on dessert. Frozen TV dinner. Package potatoes. Canned biscuits. Package pancakes pops out of toaster and served. Individual box of cold cereal in it's own bowl. Toothpaste on toothbrush. Little girl makes funny face. Lunch counter of fast food restaurant. Road sign reads “Congested Slow Area”, pan to congested highway. Business sign of Ocean Palm Motel. Security Guard directing traffic at drive thru bank. Bank teller counting money. Automobile drivers point of view (pow) as vehicle exits into drive-in restaurant. Drive-in restaurant sign reads Curb Service. Car hop attaches tray of food to car.

Three women eating in convertible automobile, closeup woman eats hamburger. Car hop removes food tray from automobile. Car hop gives change from belt coin changer. Night time scene of drive-in movie. Motel electric neon sign. 1958 Dodge automobile turns into Motel. Parked automobiles at motel. Front angle shot of automobiles on congested highway. Church services at drive-in movie. Florida trailer park, group eating at picnic table next to trailer. Truck with trailer attached drives out of trailer park as girl waves goodbye. Shot List: Video Footage Fast Food Industry. Start Video At Time Code Shown. 01:00:25:05. Black railroad porter serves food and drinks in a railway coach car.

Shot List:


Cotton Candy at the fair


Hand of “soda jerk” on handle of soda fountain


Depositing coin in milk vending machine


Father lifts son to get ice cream bar from vending machine


Vending machine cup falls into cup tray


Hand removes apple from vending machine


Man eating corn on the cob


Frozen TV dinner


Frozen French fries


Canned biscuits


Drive-in restaurant, car hop, belt coin changer on waist


Church services at drive-in movie