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Apartheid In South Africa 1957

Public Domain Stock Footage Apartheid In South Africa 1957

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keywords: south africa, apartheid policy, race relations, segregation

Synopsis: South Africa's Apartheid Policy in regards to race relations, political practices and segregation. Interviews with black and white leaders. Living conditions in black neighborhoods; social unrest....(read more)

  • Date: 1957
  • Duration: 00:33:45
  • Sound: Yes
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: South Africa

Apartheid In South Africa 1957

Apartheid In South Africa 1957

Shot List:


Nelspruit (Mbombela) South Africa, 1957. A white American reporter standing in front of a local country ABC store, gives an account of a recent clash with authorities when a group of over 400 South African women marched in protest to the Nationalist Government's Apartheid policies. The reporter can be heard throughout the scene as footage cuts to a montage of black women in their daily lives.


Nostalgic African folk music plays over footage of poverty stricken black communities. Three young children are standing near their mother, outside their run-down home, in an impoverished township. Children are seen playing and running though dirt streets and alleyways past poorly structured homes and huts. A toddler, seemingly unattended, begins to cry. Dogs feed on scraps in the street. POV from afar, behind a young boy walking across piles of debris surrounded by disheveled old buildings. Crowds of men line up to purchase a drink sloshed into cups from an unsanitary trough. Men gather under an open air outdoor shelter. Food is being prepared in an open flame pot and a young boy eats a portion out of his hands.


Port Elizabeth South Africa, 1957. Silence throughout. Panning view looks down on the expansive King Edward Hotel property. City street shot cuts to a close up of the hotel as affluence beams over the street. Expensive cars are parked near the entrance. Cut to mothers outside with their children, and a clear divide between white and non-white families. Footage of some white children playing in one of the large swimming pools. Cut to a black township with two African women prominently dressed in native attire. Apartheid signs clearly present the racial segregation between white and non-white... for colored persons only, europeans - blankes, 2nd class taxis.


Johannesburg, South Africa, 1957. African bus boycotters walking together, linking arms while singing AZIKHWELWA in unison as they march. Singing continues as many members of the townships partake in the movement. Tired feet of the dedicated boycotters hike through the suburbs. POV from behind the boycotters as they sing, walking through the broken down, impoverished suburb, past piles of fragmented bricks and junk left in front of a plain and small building, with no windows or doors. Singing stops when footage cuts to three boycotters within the crowd leading a new chant. It rings out... AFRICA!