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JFK Funeral Capitol And Rotunda

Public Domain Stock Footage JFK Funeral Capitol And Rotunda

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keywords: president john f. kennedy, lay in state, u.s. capitol building rotunda, flag-draped casket, honor guard, first lady jacqueline kennedy, president lyndon b. johnson

Synopsis: Unedited footage of the flag-draped casket of slain President, John F. Kennedy, as it lays in state in the U.S. Capitol Building Rotunda as the Kennedy family, dignitaries and citizens pay their respects....(read more)

  • Date: 1963
  • Duration: 00:10:01
  • Sound: No
  • Color: Color
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States

JFK Funeral - Capitol And Rotunda

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JFK Funeral - Capitol And Rotunda

HLS of buildings in Washington D.C. and crowds lining sidewalks waiting for cortege to pass, cut to view of U.S. Capitol building. HLS of procession of cars heading toward Capitol in far BG. Shows flag draped casket of John F. Kennedy on caisson in front of Capitol building with riderless horse in FG. Standing to the right: Mrs John F Kennedy with children Caroline and John Jr; Attorney General Robert F Kennedy, members of the immediate Kennedy family, and President and Mrs Lyndon B Johnson. Honor Guard saluting. RV of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Color Guard and pallbearers carrying the flag-draped casket walking up steps to the Capitol's Rotunda. Combined Honor Guard lines Capitol steps.

HLS of naval contingent, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Color Guard and horse-drawn caisson arriving at Capitol. HLS of casket in front of Capitol Building, Honor Guard saluting and Massive crowd of people in BG. Elevated side view of Joint Chiefs of Staff, Color Guard, and pallbearers carrying casket followed by Mrs Kennedy, her children and members of the family walking up steps of Capitol Building. Color Guard enters the Capitol Building Rotunda followed by the Honor Guard carrying the flag-draped casket of President John F. Kennedy. Mrs. Kennedy and family members enter the Rotunda. Flag draped coffin is placed on the catafalque in the center of the Rotunda.

Flag-draped casket surrounded by combined Honor Guard. Mrs Kennedy, her children, Robert Kennedy, members of the family and large crowd of dignitaries standing near the casket. President Johnson and a Marine places a wreath at the head of the coffin. View from different angle of Honor Guard bring casket to catafalque. Member of Honor Guard straightens flag at end of casket. CU of Jacqueline Kennedy and Caroline. CU President Johnson and a Marine places a wreath at the head of the coffin. Mrs Kennedy and Caroline walk to the casket and kneel. (Mrs Kennedy kisses the casket, but this cannot be seen; awkward camera angle). Mrs Kennedy and family leaves the Rotunda. Mourners and dignitaries leaving the Rotunda.