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keywords: solfatara volcano, naples italy

Synopsis: Unedited footage of Solfatara Volcano near Naples Italy in 1970 with its white mineral deposits from solfataric activity around the sides and in the central depression...(read more)

  • Date: 1970
  • Duration: 00:07:42
  • Sound: No
  • Color: Color
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: Italy

Solfatara Volcano - Naples Italy

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Solfatara Volcano - Naples Italy

PAN, low aerial view of the skyline of Pozzouli, Italy, the terrain rises sharply from the coastline. Shows Solfatara Volcano in BG. Shows inner harbor with city of Pozzouli in BG. A-G view of U.S. Naval Support Activity Naples, Italy-CNIC buildings. Allied Joint Force Command (JFC) Naples, Italy. A-G Allied Forces Southern Europe compound, Naples, Italy.

A-G shots of Volcano Solfatara. Shows white mineral deposits from solfataric activity around sides and in the central part of the depression of the volcano.

Aerial view of a sports field showing several ball diamonds. MS aerial views of a depression. LS of race track with buildings around the track. CU of U.S. Navy SH-34 Seabat helicopter with rotors turning.

A-G PAN view around the edge of Solfatara Volcano which is mildly active; the city of Pozzouli was evacuated because of the activity of volcano; PAN around rim of volcano containing white substance (minerals) on floor of depression. A-G MLS of Solfatara Volcano, buildings in lower FG.