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keywords: washington d.c., rev. martin luther king, social unrest and protest, civil unrest, riots, looting

Synopsis: Unedited footage of civil unrest and looting that erupted in Washington D.C. after the news that Rev. Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis Tennessee...(read more)

  • Date: 1968
  • Duration: 00:18:15
  • Sound: No
  • Color: Color
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States

Washington D.C. Riots In HD

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Washington D.C. Riots In HD

Department of Sanitation workers clean up trash from the streets. Shows looters coming out of the backdoor of a smoking Safeway supermarket with cans and cases of food. Shows firemen and fire trucks at the front entrance of the smoking Safeway Market building. Firemen enter building to fight fire. Shows a looter carrying a case of goods on his shoulder walking down a debris covered street.

Shows an exhausted fireman sitting on fire truck. People walking on sidewalk in front of Safeway store that is littered with broken glass and debris. Shows firemen fighting fire; smoke and flames coming out of top floor windows of multi-story building.

Date June 4, 1969. American flag at half-mast on flag pole. Panning view from top of building, camera stops on burning building. American flag waving in the breeze with smoking building in left BG. Groups of people standing on street corners watching firemen fight building fire. LS of small group of looters at rear of a building. Sign over doorway of building reads "Head Start".

LS, Police in riot gear firing tear gas canisters to drive protestors down a street. Soldiers arrive by truck and move out toward crowd. Soldiers wearing gas masks. Soldier opening metal tear gas canister containers. Sign over building entrance reads "Peaceway Temple". Various street scenes, soldiers stand guard. Shows burned automobile in front of burned out store. Soldiers wearing gas mask or face shields move along sidewalk. More soldiers move down street. LS scene of white clouds of tear gas as soldiers push protestors out of business district. CU of soldier wearing gas mask, Red Cross on helmet.

Shows smoking ruins of a collapsed building. Building on fire, flames shooting out of building roof. Shows front of burned out building. Soldiers guarding firemen. Shows fireman entering a smoke filled building. Squad of soldiers march down a sidewalk.

Various scenes of firemen fighting a major multi-story building fire. Various street scenes. Shows fire damaged storefronts, looter jumps out of storefront. Police search and apprehend looters. Shows stolen goods in automobile trunk. A looter is placed in Police paddy wagon (Police Van).