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Mexican Revolution - Pancho Villa

Public Domain Stock Footage Mexican Revolution - Pancho Villa

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keywords: mexican revolution, general alvaro obregon, general venustiano carranza, el paso international bridge, 10th cavalry pow's, american red cross, pancho villa, u.s. border town columbus new mexico

Synopsis: Two leader of the Mexican Revolution, General Alvaro Obregon and General Venustiano Carranza and President Carranza's Minister of War arrives for a conference with U.S. General Scott about the U.S. Army's continuing role in Mexico, U.S. Military and officials waiting at the International Bridge in El Paso, TX to meet freed soldiers of the 10th Cavalry captured during the Battle of Carrizal, Constitutionalist soldiers battle Pancho Villa and his guerilla militia, American Red Cross renders aid to Mexican Federal and rebel soldier alike, Pancho Villa poses with his men, mount horses to ride through Mexican town, aftermath of Pancho Villa raid on U.S. border town of Columbus New Mexico...(read more)

  • Date: 1916-1917
  • Duration: 00:05:54
  • Sound: No
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States, Mexico

Mexican Revolution - Pancho Villa

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Mexican Revolution - El Paso Texas 1917

El Paso Texas 1917, Shows two leaders of the Mexican Revolution, Mexican General Alvaro Obregon, with one arm, and General Venustiano Carranza, with beard, standing with a group of civilians and army officers.

(Image of title card)...General Alvaro Obregon, President Carranza's Minister of War, arrives for a conference with United States General Scott regarding the continuance of the U.S. Army in Mexico. Officials boarding a waiting train. Officials driving away in automobiles.

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Mexican Revolution - Return of U.S. 10th Cavalry Prisoners

(Image of title card) International Bridge, El Paso Texas, July 1, 1916. United States General James Franklin Bell and a motor cycle squadron go to the International Bridge to meet US prisoners from the 10th Cavalry held by Mexico. The prisoners stand in line at Carrizal. They had been released by Mexican Constitutionalist Army leader Venustiano Carranza 10 days after the battle between United States Army troops of General John J. Pershing's Punitive Expedition and Carrancista troops (government troops) at the Battle of Carrizal. Officer gives instruction to prisoners.

(Image of title card) Chihuahua Mexico, 1916. United States Consul Marion Letcher with General Gutierrez at Chihuahua, Mexico. They discuss the movement of American troops through Mexican territory under Carranza. Children stand next to building with rubble on the ground. Woman carries a large pot of water on her shoulder.

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Mexican Civil War - Campaign To Capture Pancho Villa, 1916

Mexican peasants on top of freight train cars during Carranza's constitutionalist soldiers campaign against Jose Doroteo Arango Arambula, better known by his nickname Pancho Villa. Pancho Villa troops seated at table converse with people in Mexico. Mexican troops stand outside building in Huejutla, Mexico. Children aboard a parked Mexican train boxcar. Mexican family seated on ground beside a pot on a fire.

Mexican forces under Carranza with rifles in hand patrol among bushes in Mexico in fight against Pancho Villa's guerrilla militia. View of two defeated Pancho Villa commanders, General Castro and General Mercado.

(Image of title card). View of Pascual Orozco ("The Red Flagger") killed by political enemies. American Red Cross station rendering aid to injured Mexican Federal and Rebel forces. Combatant is brought in on a stretcher and officials with Red Cross arm bands evaluate him. Doctors attend to the patient.

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Pancho Villa After Raid On Columbus, New Mexico

(Image of title card) Jose Doroteo Arango Arambula, nicknamed Pancho Villa with his troops in Mexico. Pancho Villa wearing a 3 piece suit, posing with his men. Pancho Villa and his men mount horses and ride through a Mexican town.

Views of Columbus, New Mexico, a small town in the United States, after raid by Pancho Villa's men March 9, 1916. Shows bodies of dead men and horses on ground. Pancho Villa's followers in Torreon, Mexico, mounted on horseback and posing for camera.

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