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Newsreels 1962 Year In Review Headlines

Public Domain Stock Footage Newsreels 1962 Year In Review Headlines

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keywords: cold war, president john f. kennedy, cuban missile crisis, berlin wall, china india conflict, first lady eleanor roosevelt, nasa astronaut john glenn, telstar communications satellite

Synopsis: President John F. Kennedy Announces The Arms Blockade Of Cuba, 1st Anniversary Of The Berlin Wall, France At Peace For First Time Since 1939, Chinese Troops Cross Over Border Into India, Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt Passes, Pope John XXIII Opens Second Vatican Council, NASA Astronaut John Glenn First American To Orbit Earth, New Satellite Provides World-Wide Communications...(read more)

  • Date: 1962
  • Duration: 00:06:34
  • Sound: Yes
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: Around The World

Newsreels 1962 Year In Review Headlines

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Newsreels: 1962 - Year In Review Headlines

President John F. Kennedy Announces The Arms Blockade Of Cuba

World peace was threatened by the most critical period in history. Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro had tightened his grip on Cuba and Russia had shipped offensive weapons to Cuba. Shows U.S. reconnaissance aircraft in flight over Cuba. Reconnaissance plane crew member taking photographs of the Russian missile sites under construction in Cuba. Shows President Kennedy speaking from the White House. With the backing of the Organization of American States and Western Allies, President John F. Kennedy announces an arms embargo of Cuba and issued an ultimatum to Russia; the removal of offensive weapons from Cuba. Shows U.S. aircraft in low flight over Russian ship with missiles on deck covered by tarpaulins that had been removed from Cuba.

1st Anniversary Of The Berlin Wall

East Germany continues to reinforce the "Wall of Shame" or Berlin Wall in an attempt to stop the East Germans from fleeing. East German guards shoot a 15 year old boy and left him to die increasing tension along the border. Shows East German Border Guards removing dead body of 15 year old boy. The East German people vent their anger on a bus carrying East German guards. CU Image of West Berlin Freedom Bell or Freiheitsglocke ringing. U.S. Troops march in review pass General Lucas Clay in West Berlin. General Lucas Clay salutes the troops and continued to be a leading spokesman for German freedom. Shows a column of U.S. tanks.

France At Peace For First Time Since 1939

Low aerial view of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris France. France is at peace for the first time since 1939 as Charles de Gaulle brought the war in Algeria to an end. CU image of French President Charles de Gaulle. The African nation of Algeria wins it's freedom. Shows Algerian Vice Premier Ben Bella surrounded by supporters.

Chinese Troops Cross Over Border Into India

Red China pours troops over India's northern frontier and India mobilizes troops to meet this Red Chinese threat. Shows people of India protesting Chinese troops crossing India's northern border. Banner reads "Chinese Out". Shows Indian people donating their gold jewelry and savings to the defense effort. CU image of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt Passes

Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt dies leaving a legacy as an advocate for peace and as an international humanitarian. CU image of President Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt waving to a group of people from White House balcony. CU various images of Eleanor Roosevelt with children.

Pope John XXIII Opens Second Vatican Council

Pope John XXIII made history by starting the Second Vatican Council, which was, as he said, a way to "open up the windows of the church and let the Holy Spirit in".

NASA Astronaut John Glenn First American To Orbit Earth

U.S. Space Achievements. Colonel John Glenn becomes the first American to orbit earth and is given a hero's parade. Scott Carpenter quickly follows in Glenn's footsteps. Walter Schirra then made six orbits of earth. Shows launch of Mercury-Atlas 6 (MA-6) rocket carrying the Mercury spacecraft "Friendship 7" into orbit. CU image of John Glenn. Shows ticker-tape parade down Broadway in New York City. Broadway street sign temporarily changed to "Astronaut Way" for the occasion. Shows Scott Carpenter and wife riding in open automobile in parade. CU image of Astronaut Walter Schirra. Shows President John F. Kennedy with Astronaut Walter Schirra and family in the White House.

New Satellite Provides World-Wide Communications

Communications took a leap forward with the orbiting of Telstar with the dream of worldwide communications between any two points on earth at any time. Animation image of Telstar satellite and how it works. Shows clarity of images on television that was broadcasted from America to Europe and back. Shows launch of Mariner 1, first spacecraft launched by Nasa in the Mariner Program of robotic interplanetary probes.