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keywords: wwii, patriotic rally, pledge allegiance, battleship uss washington, home front, curtis-wright transport plane, 11th annual cotton festival, main street parade, educator george washington carver, beach bunnies, spray tanning, sports, connie mack day, women's bowling, tulip celebration, race horse budpath

Synopsis: New York City Hosts Massive Patriotic Rally, Battleship USS Washington Is Commissioned, US Coast Guard Boards French Vichy Ships, Curtis-Wright Transport Plane Tested For Army, 11th Annual Cotton Festival, Sabotage In Lumber Fire Slated For War Effort, Variety Club Convention Honors George Washington Carver, Beauties Try New Spray Tanning, Connie Mack Day For Baseball Great, Women's Bowling International Competition, Track And Field Stars Shine, Celebration Of The Tulip, Latin American Naval Commanders Visit New York City, Race Horse Budpath Wins King's Plate Race...(read more)

  • Date: 1941
  • Duration: 00:11:35
  • Sound: Yes/Partial
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States, Canada

Newsreels: 1941 - May 20

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New York City Hosts Massive Patriotic Rally

Hundreds of thousands of patriotic Americans jam Central Park in New York City for I Am An American Day rally, in a dramatic outpouring of faith and allegiance to the United States in its gravest hour since 1917.

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Battleship USS Washington Is Commissioned

One of the mightiest dreadnoughts afloat joins the fleet, during impressive ceremonies. The 35,000 ton USS Washington is the second new warship in as many months and completed ahead of schedule!

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US Coast Guard Boards French Vichy Ships

With relations between the French Vichy government and the U.S. at the breaking point, U.S. Coast Guardsmen board the Normandie and other French vessels anchored in U.S. ports to prevent sabotage.

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Curtis-Wright Transport Plane Tested For Army

The new twin-engine Curtiss Wright transport for the Army can accommodate 50 soldiers and carry them swiftly to areas of conflict. A fleet of 300 sub-stratosphere giants is planned.

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11th Annual Cotton Festival

Dixie fetes its staple crop; cotton! Glittering night parades with lovely Southern belles on hand, provides plenty of luster for the 11th Cotton Festival.

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Sabotage In Lumber Fire Slated For War Effort

Philadelphia's worst fire in decades destroys millions of dollars in Defense lumber and menaces the nearby Cramp Shipyard. Firemen battle the raging inferno for hours, as gutted buildings crash into the street.

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Variety Club Convention Honors George Washington Carver

Representatives from theaters and film exchanges assemble for the Variety Club Convention, for a gala parade and presentation of the club's award, this year to Dr. Carver, a Black-American educator. A 7-second sound clip as Dr. George Washington Carver is handed the award and Dr. Carver gives a thank you acknowledgment.

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A Bevy Of Beauties Try New Spray Tanning

Science marches on! Two ingenious fellows invent a spray gun for sun tan addicts, demonstrated upon a bevy of lovely lassies. Their eyes covered with walnut shells, the bathing beauties get sprayed from head to foot.

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Connie Mack Day For Baseball Great

Hundreds of old-time players and prominent persons connected with baseball turn out for Connie Mack Day. A holiday is declared in honor of the beloved 79-year old veteran manager.

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Women's Bowling International Competition

The Nation's top-ranking feminine bowlers display their fancy lane shooting for the International Congress. Baby Snooks takes her bowling bow, too. Its a howl!

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College Track And Field Stars Shine

High-flying, fast-stepping college stars turn in top-notch performances in a Big Ten track and field meet at Memorial Stadium. The boys from Indiana win team honors.

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Celebration Of The Tulip

Dutch culture and the celebration of the Tulip take center stage in Holland MI with a display tulips, wooden shoes being made and a parade with entertainers in Dutch garb walking and performing down main street.

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Latin American Naval Commanders Visit New York City

New York City plays host to visiting Latin American Naval Commanders toured various civilian spots and then went on board an unknown US Battleship and meeting with US contemporaries for a naval strategy confab.

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Race Horse Budpath Wins King's Plate Race

Toronto Ontario plays host to the 82nd King's Plate with race horse Budpath wins the purse.

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