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keywords: wwii, v-j day, japan surrenders, gas rationing, veterans jobs program, atom bomb explosion, post-wwii germany, canada

Synopsis: WWII Is Over - Japan Surrenders!, Government Ends Gas Rationing, Government Promises Jobs For Returning GIs, The Dawn Of The Atomic Age Is Here, Post-WWII Life In Berlin Germany, Canada Celebrates V-J Day...(read more)

  • Date: 1945
  • Duration: 00:07:58
  • Sound: Partial
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States, Germany, Canada

Newsreels: 1945 - August 16

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WWII Is Over - Japan Surrenders!

(audio) President Truman announces Japan has agreed to the Potsdam Declaration, a proclamation defining the terms for the unconditional surrender of all Japanese armed forces.

(silent) News reporters rushing from the room after President Truman announces the surrender of Japan. Shows cheering crowds in Washington D.C. CU of newspaper headline "Japan Surrenders". Shows a sailor dancing with woman in the street, confetti flying through the air. Celebrations in San Francisco with fireworks. Chicago stages one of the largest "end of war" celebrations or demonstrations. Celebrations in Seattle. Servicemen dancing in the street and kissing girls (women). Low aerial view of crowds in Times Square. CU of confetti floating down from buildings. Celebrations in Times Square continues into the night.

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Government Ends Gas Rationing

(silent) Automobiles take to the streets as the O.P.A. (Office of Price Administration) lifts gasoline restrictions after end of WWII. Sign at service station reads "Gas Rationing Off, No Stamps Required". Shows "A" gasoline rationing decal being removed from automobile windshield. Scenes of a full service gas station; attendants checking engine oil, tire pressure, cleaning windshield, and pumping gas.

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Government Promises Jobs For Returning GIs

(audio) John W. Snyder, Re-conversion Chief, states the Government is committed to a program that will provide jobs for all returning WWII servicemen who want to work. Work for veterans returning to civilian life after WWII.

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The Dawn Of The Atomic Age Is Here

(audio) First test explosion of an atomic bomb at the Trinity test site in a remote area of the New Mexico desert on July 16, 1945 forever changed history and the world. What had been merely theoretical became proven reality. Unforgettable pictures of the blast of the atomic bomb and resulting mushroom cloud. Trinity was the code name for the first detonation of a nuclear device; the nickname of the first nuclear device was "The Gadget" or "Christy's Gadget".

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Post-WWII Life In Berlin Germany

(audio) The Reichstag building in Berlin forms the backdrop for an international black market. American G.I.s (soldiers) do a landslide business in selling scarce commodities to Russian soldiers and Berlin citizens.

Scenes of German women dancing together during the strict non-fraternization policy throughout all Allied Commands immediately after the end of WWII. Scenes of Allied soldiers in the Femina nightclub in Berlin during the non-fraternization ban. Shows Allied soldiers dancing with German women (frauleins) in the Femina nightclub after the non-fraternization ban was lifted.

Shows Allied soldiers with German girls on the beach at Berlin's Lake Wannsee; Footage of Berlin-Strandbad Wannsee in 1945.

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Canada Celebrates V-J Day

(silent) Canadians celebrated V-J Day as Japan accepts unconditional surrender ending WWII.

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