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Newsreels 1944 November 2

Public Domain Stock Footage Newsreels 1944 November 2

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keywords: wwii, european theater, general dwight d. eisenhower, general george s. patton, liberation of greece, premier papandreou of greece, greek flag, pacific theater, invasion palau islands, free france, us embassy reopening, us ambassador jefferson caffery, india, hindu leader mahatma gandhi, leader mohammed ali jinnah, ploesti oil fields, air force general ira clarence eaker, air force general nathan farragut twining, liberation of philippines, general douglas macarthur, i shall return promise, philippine president sergio osmena

Synopsis: General George S. Patton 3rd Army Battles Nazis At Siegfried Line, Allied Forces Liberate Athens Greece, US Marines Capture The Palau Island Chain, US Re-Opens Embassy In A Free France, Mahatma Gandhi Makes Rare Public Appearance, US Generals Visit Ploesti Oil Fields, General Douglas MacArthur Returns To Liberate The Philippines...(read more)

  • Date: 1944
  • Duration: 00:07:24
  • Sound: No
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: France, India, Philippines, Greece, Libya, Palau Islands

Newsreels 1944 November 2

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General George S. Patton 3rd Army Battles Nazis At Siegfried Line

General Dwight D. Eisenhower visits General George S. Patton's American 3rd Army, on the battle lines at Metz, France WWII. General Dwight D. Eisenhower inspects U.S. soldiers standing in formation. 3rd Army tanks advance toward Metz and the Siegfried Line. Soldiers fire 155 mm artillery, see distant explosions in Metz. CU U.S. mortar team loads and fires mortar. Soldier fires Bazooka. A building in Metz, France with S A Sturm 3/135 on front, Nazi paramilitary stormtroopers or brownshirts. Image of a sign with Nazi insignia. A damaged building.

Shot List:


U.S. mortar team loads and fires mortar


U.S. soldier fires bazooka or stovepipe


Name SA Sturm on building, office of stormtroopers or brownshirts

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Allied Forces Liberate Athens Greece

People celebrate Liberation of Greece by Allied Forces in Athens, Greece during World War II. British battleship and troop transports underway. British troops disembark ship at Athens port. British troops are greeted by crowds of civilians in Constitution Square Syntagma Square. Image of the Greek Parliament Building. Papandreou, Premier of Greece, lays wreath at the Tome of The Unknown Soldier. A view of the city of Athen Greece. Premier Papandreou hoists the Greek flag.

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US Marines Capture The Palau Island Chain

3rd Corp Marines mopping up on Peleliu or Beliliou, an island in the island nation of Palau. CU of Marines loading and firing a mortar. U.S. Marine uses a flamethrower at entrance to underground Japanese bunker or cave. Japanese soldier shot escaping from cave. Marines use explosives to blast the Japanese from cave. Surrendering Japanese soldiers with hands raised.

Shot List:


Marine uses flame thrower to flush out Japanese soldiers from underground bunkers


U.S. Marine shoots Japanese soldier flushed out of underground bunker


Japanese soldiers surrender

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US Re-Opens Embassy In A Free France

U.S. Ambassador to France Jefferson Caffery opens U.S. Embassy in Paris, France in 1944 during World War II. U.S. Ambassador to France Jefferson Caffery escorted by two U.S. officials enter the U.S. Embassy. Jefferson Caffery takes off his hat as an American flag is raised at U.S. Embassy. The U.S. Ambassador meets French officials and dignitaries in the Embassy.

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Mahatma Gandhi Makes Rare Public Appearance

Hindu Leader Mahatma Gandhi meets Muslim Leader Mohammed Ali Jinnah to remove differences between Hindus and Muslims in India. Muslim Leader Mohammed Ali Jinnah greets Hindu Leader Mahatma Gandhi. The leaders talk to each other. Dignitaries stand outside a building. Gandhi holds a paper in his hands leaves, but the India problem remains.

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US Generals Visit Damaged Ploesti Oil Fields

U.S. Army Air Forces Generals Ira Clarence Eaker and Nathan Farragut Twining are greeted by Rumanian Army Air Force officers as they arrive in Bucharest. Shows General Eaker and General Twining with Romanians as they view the bomb damaged Ploiesti or Ploesti oil refineries. Scenes of the destruction and wreckage of the Ploiesti oil facilities.

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General Douglas MacArthur Returns To Liberate The Philippines

U.S. Army General Douglas MacArthur's heralded return to the Philippines during World War II. A U.S. Task Force underway to attack the island of Leyte. U.S. Army Lieutenant General Walter Krueger, seated between U.S. Navy Vice Admiral Theodore Stark Ping Wilkinson and Vice Admiral Thomas C. Kinkaid, Commander of the U.S. 7th Fleet, aboard the Task Force Flagship, U.S. Cruiser, USS Nashville CL-43 en route to Leyte. Animated map describes the Leyte campaign. General MacArthur standing on the USS Nashville, smoking his signature corn cob pipe. U.S. warships bombarding the Island. U.S. troops of the 24th Infantry Division and 1st Cavalry Division assault the beach from landing craft, as General MacArthur and his Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Richard K. Sutherland, watch from the USS Nashville.

After the beachhead is secured, General MacArthur and President Sergio Osmena, of the Philippines, shake hands. General Douglas MacArthur wades ashore from a landing craft accompanied by President Osmena and an entourage of high ranking officers. U.S. troops are seen wading ashore from LSTs. One is numbered 474. Shows scenes ashore. CU of a water buffalo. Shows wrecked Japanese tanks. Filipino inhabitants emerging to begin clearing debris away from what is left of their homes. Filipino inhabitants gathered under a tent, smiling. Ceremony in front of the Provincial Capital Building of Leyte in Tacloban. President Osmena speaking from the steps of the Provincial Capital building, with General MacArthur and his entourage standing behind.

Shot List:


General Douglas MacArthur and Philippine President Sergio Osmena wade ashore from landing craft


General Douglas MacArthur with corncob pipe in his mouth


Philippine people living in makeshift shelters

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