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keywords: Historical Re-enactment, Hampton MA, Old Time Country Store, Stagecoach, England, British Industry, West Point, Graduation Day, Hats In The Air, Army Aircraft Testing, Landing Gear Prototype, Tracked Landing Gear, Natural Disasters, Tornado, WWII, Japan, Fu-Go Balloon Bombs, Swimsuit Fashions, Hand-Painted Designs, Yankee Stadium, Cowboy Jamboree, Rodeo, Bronco Riding, Buckingham Palace, King Of England, Queen Of England, Garden Party

Synopsis: The Old Country Store Life Back On Display, 1947 Graduation At West Point, New Caterpillar Landing Gear Tested For Army Transports, Tornado Rampages In Arkansas, Launch Site For Balloon Bombs Found In Japan, Hand-Painting Swimsuits While On The Model!, Yankee Stadium Hosts Cowboy Rodeo Round-Up, King And Queen Of England Host Garden Party...(read more)

  • Date: 1947
  • Duration: 00:09:23
  • Sound: Partial
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States, England, Japan

Newsreels: 1947 - June 5

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The Old Country Store Life Back On Display

The good old days are brought back in North Hampton, Mass with the moving of the 200 year old Wiggins Store from North Salem to North Hampton. Fitting ceremonies and novel customs are revived for the opening.

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Unidentified Couple Tour Pair Of Post-WWII British Industry Plants

Unidentified British notables view Post-WWII industry in England.

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1947 Graduation At West Point

Colorful scenes of graduation exercises for 310 new 'Shavetails' and full-dress review by the entire Cadet Corps. General Dwight D. Eisenhower and other notables take part in the commencement program.

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New Caterpillar Landing Gear Tested For Army Transports

Tractor-type landing gear developed by the Army for quick air transport to unpaved fields is tested. A light bomber equipped with the endless-belt gear, takes off and lands safely.

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Tornado Rampages In Arkansas

Nature's latest rampage takes a toll in human life and property. Scores are dead following the twister which swept through a wide area of Arkansas with the damage to homes and farms running in the millions.

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Launch Site For Balloon Bombs Found In Japan

A war-time terror device is trailed to its secret lair in Japan. The balloon launching sites from whence were sent the bomb-laden balloons over Canada and the U.S. are inspected by Army Investigators.

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Hand-Painting Swimsuits While On The Model!

Miami Beach Artist Jimmy Rosen enjoys his job during a display of the latest bathing suit creations. It's his task to paint flowers and fish on the suits, with the beauty showing it off is in it. Not bad, eh?

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Yankee Stadium Hosts Cowboy Rodeo Round-Up

At Yankee Stadium, baseball takes a back seat and the circus stars and rodeo riders hit a home-run with the fans. Ken Maynard and his troupe of bronco busters and thrill stars put on a bang-up Cowboy Jamboree.

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King And Queen Of England Host Garden Party

5,000 guests of the King and Queen in colorful gowns and top hats attend a presentation party at Buckingham Palace. Pre-war scenes of social brilliance are in evidence as Britain's monarchs hold a home-coming.

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