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Newsreels: 1942 - July 13

Public Domain Stock Footage Newsreels: 1942 - July 13

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keywords: wwii, allied merchant marine convoys, enemy submarine attacks, supply run malta, scotland, royal visit, king george vi, queen elizabeth, east coast convoys, merchant marine, enemy submarine attack, port moresby new guinea, enemy japanese air attack, japanese bombers, camouflaged fighters, guatemala, escuela politecnica, anniversary guatemala revolution, president jorge ubico, general davenport johnson us army, pan american ice skating show, ice skaters, ice skater mayita montez, ice skater twinkle watts, ice skater paul castle, ireland, general russell p. hartle, us ambassador john gilbert winant, midway island, us anti-aircraft fire

Synopsis: Allied Supply Convoy Battles Axis Forces, Scots Cheer Royal Visit, Convoy Off East Coast Repels Axis Sub Attack, Japanese Bomb Port Moresby New Guinea, American Troops Join In Celebration In Guatemala, Pan American Ice Skaters Click, King And Queen Of England Visits US Troops Stationed In Ireland, American Forces Victorious At Midway Island...(read more)

  • Date: 1942
  • Duration: 00:09:21
  • Sound: Partial
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States, Ireland, Scotland, New Britain, Malta, New Guinea

Newsreels: 1942 - July 13

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WWII Allied Supply Convoy To Malta Battles Axis Forces

Amazing pictures of a great air-sea battle between an Allied convoy on its way to Malta and attacking Axis forces. Allied guns fill the air with bursting steel that brings many Nazi and Italian aircraft to sudden destruction. Allied marksmen thwart a suicide attack by an Italian torpedo plane.

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Scots Cheer Wartime Royal Visit

King George and Queen Elizabeth Of England arrive by river steam ship to Scotland for a state visit.

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WWII Convoy Off East Coast Repels Axis Sub Attack

US Coast Guard puts Axis subs to flight after they had partially penetrated an escort of medium cutters and small sub-busters. Actual scenes of freighters burning after being torpedoed and the Coast Guard going into action against the Axis subs.

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WWII Japanese Bomb Port Moresby, New Guinea

A convoy of reinforcements arrives as harbor shipping miraculously escapes damage from a rain of bombs from the skies by Japanese raiders.

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American Troops Join In Celebration In Guatemala

United States troops stationed in Guatemala join the crack cadets of Escuela Politecnica, the West Point of that country and other native troops in celebrating the anniversary of Guatemala's revolution. General Davenport Johnson of the US Army reviews a parade with President Ubico of Guatemala.

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Pan American Ice Skaters Click

Good neighbor stars twinkle and shine by the dozen in the graceful ballet of the Pan American Ensemble at the Center Theatre. Mayita Montez in The Samba and 7 year old Twinkle Watts rhumba-ing with Paul Castle are other features of a new Ice Extravaganza.

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King And Queen Of England Visit US Troops Stationed In Wartime Ireland

American troops quartered in North Ireland welcomed a recent visit by King George and Queen Elizabeth of England. With General Russell P. Hartle and Ambassador Winant, the King and Queen reviewed the forces, observed a tank demonstration as well as rifle and machine gun drills.

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WWII American Forces Victorious At Midway Island

Spectacular and dramatic scenes of the great victory for American forces at Midway Island. Dramatic pictures of the vigorous attack by American naval gunners as they hang a curtain of death for attacking Japanese planes. First pictures of damaged Aircraft Carrier Yorktown as it is shielded by a smokescreen.

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